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Lodge performs service at Camp Augusta

October 2-4, 2015, at Camp Augusta

On October 2-4, the lodge held the Fall Ordeal and PoppiFest at Camp Augusta. We performed service in the garden and on the trails. Nine new Ordeal members were inducted, and nine Ordeal members sealed their membership and became Brotherhood members.
We held the traditional PoppiFest Carnival on Saturday night, with lots of prizes and fun.
On Sunday morning the team departed for Piedmont.
Watch for more details and pictures in the upcoming newsletter!

Lodge Fall Banquet

November 8th, 2015, at Gibson Center

On November 8th, at 6pm, the lodge will hold the annual Fall Banquet at Gibson Center, Corpus Christi Church. There will be a guest speaker, and plenty of fine food. The dinner is only $8 for members, and absoultely free for new lodge members inducted at the Fall Ordeal.
You will receive an invitation which you will need to reply to, assuming you plan on eating. Dinner fees will be collected at the door.
Members who were not at the Ordeal Weekend should plan on bringing an additional $10 to pay your 2016 dues (required to have dinner...)
See you on Sunday Nov. 8th!

Arrowtour comes to Piedmont!

July 8th, 2015, at Coaches Field

On July 7th Scouts and adults gathered for Arrow Tour at Coach's Field in Piedmont. They began by setting up the event which included constructing tents and building a tee pee. Scouts then had the opportunity to enjoy the festivities.

This included T-shirt making where visitors could bring in t-shirts to have Arrow Tour and NOAC logos added to their shirts. Also leather items could be brought in to be branded with similar logos. Merchandise was for sale and Exhibits with patches, sashes, and other OA memorabilia on display for visitors to view.

The youth took a particular liking to Giant Sized Jenga matches and had fun facing off to see who was the best. Adults grilled up hot dogs for visitors to enjoy and also had cold sodas and other treats. Thank you to everyone who helped and attended!

--- Ayden R.

Spring BBQ and Officer Elections

    June 8th, 2015, at Joaquin Miller Park

    At the close of a particularly event heavy year, Hungteetsepoppi gathered for it's annual Barbecue and Officer Elections at Joaquin Miller Park on June 7th, 2015. At the start of the evening, adult and youth leaders gathered at the picnic site for the group meal. The barbecue began just after 7:30pm, commencing the eating of eating of circular-beef sandwiches and elongated sausage products. After the meal, the youth members broke off from the rest of the lodge to begin officer election.

    This year, Lodge Chief Carson S. stepped down along with Lodge Officers Scott N., Omar AR., and Russell R. In the following election, lodge members elected Mitch W. as the new Lodge Chief, with Ben K., Ben S. and Ayden R. acting as the new Vice-Chiefs. During the election, Section Chief Clayton H. gave fellow candidate Mitch W. an intense race for the Lodge Chief position. In what initially ended as a tied vote for both candidates, the vote was finally recast after a three-and-a-half minute discussion, a round of rock-paper-scissors and a lip-synching competition. Ultimately the lodge members elected Mitch Winters to the Lodge Chief position. In all due seriousness, Ben Kenworthy was a very close contender for the lodge chief position and deserves some recognition.

    At the end of the barbecue, the previous lodge chiefs were given commemorative leadership neckerchiefs, and the new ones were welcomed into their positions. As the event came to a close, Lodge Chief Mitch Winters lead the lodge in the traditional closing song, and the Lodge gathered for a group photo. Thank you to all the adults that generously contributed their time to preparing food, cooking and organizing the event!

Section W3S Conclave
April 24-26th at Coast Guard Island

After almost a year of planning, Hungteetsepoppi and the neighboring lodge of the Alameda Council, Kaweah, hosted the annual conclave at Coast Guard Island. From April 24th to 26th, hundreds of arrowmen of Section W3-S flocked to the event. This island is located in the estuary between Alameda and Oakland, connected with only a bridge spanning from it to Oakland. This island is also the headquarters of all Coast Guard operations along the Western seaboard. With many fields and numerous fascinating amenities, this special venue proved to be perfect for a very special theme, the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.

On April 24th, Arrowmen from all over Central and Northern California arrived at Coast Guard Island to begin the festivities of this glorious event. After saluting the flag during the final taps of the evening, the arrowmen of the numerous lodges assembled into the gym and experienced the first orientation of the event. This experience was chock-filled with numerous skits, speeches, and presentations that embodied the integral theme of the event: exploring the past, discovering the future. During these exhibitions we as arrowmen were challenged to find our “OA moment:” the moment at the beginning of our scouting career that we were graced with the kindness and fellowship of another scout that then inspired us to be the honorable scouts that we are and embody the scout oath and law. After this wonderful orientation, we were then released to do what we wanted, whether it be playing foosball, walking around the island, or talking with one another throughout the night. After some time, it was lights out as we all turned in to prepare for the next day.

Awaking the next morning, we began our day with numerous exciting and informational presentations done by numerous knowledgeable arrowmen ranging from the history of the Order of the Arrow to how to communicate to your lodge members effectively by using social media and other platforms. After these presentations we had lunch and began the next phase of the day: the lodge competitions. These competitions were also very diverse, ranging from Indian handball, Native American dancing, and sand art to even cake decorating. Whoever won these competitions would earn points for their lodges in the section wide competition to find the winning lodge of the 2015 conclave. During this time, as well, the Coast Guard was offering inside tours of one of their cutters moored on the island and a HH-65 Dolphin class helicopter flyover. During the day, there was a trading post selling conclave and section apparel and memorabilia as well as snacks and drinks. There was also patch trading and silent auctions happening throughout the day, raising lots of money for the section as a whole. After these wonderful activities, we had dinner and then had the orientation of that night. During this event, the winners of the section-wide competitions were showcased and a special guest, the national vice chief of the Order of the Arrow, Donnie Stephens, spoke about his own “OA moment” and charged us to all remember our own and instill new ones within other future arrowmen. After this outstanding opportunity, all the lodges converged and consumed the decorated cakes and hot chocolate before another very important event: the brotherhood ceremony. Although the fog rolling in that night turned the event to be in the blistering cold, over 50 ordeal arrowmen earned their brotherhood honors that night and many other arrowmen came out to support them in completing an extremely important event of their careers as arrowmen. Afterwards we all turned in and prepared for the final day.

After breakfast during the final day of the conclave, our new section chief and vice chiefs were installed. After sharing his final words as section chief, Tyler Lyman and his fellow vice chiefs stepped down from his position and the new section chief, Clayton Hagy, was elected along with 2 new vice chiefs. After the final orientation, the mass departure from the island began as hundreds of arrowman packed and loaded up to travel back home.

Thank you to all advisors, presenters, officers, and members who participated and helped with the mass undertaking that the conclave was. Your efforts did not go unnoticed, and your participation certainly made the event more enjoyable for all at the arrowmen of Section W3-S. A special thanks to Mr. Fischer and the adults for planning such a wonderful event and the adults for helping behind the scenes, especially in the kitchens.

-- Ben

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