OA Backpacking 2014

Summer Backpacking Trip
Emigrant Wilderness
July 28th – August 2nd, 2014

The 2nd annual backpacking trip was a blast! We had 4 adults and 1 youth go this year to the Emigrant Wilderness, about 30 miles north of Yosemite Valley in the high Sierra Mountains. Our starting place on Monday morning was 8200 feet at the Gianelli Cabin trailhead, which would be the lowest elevation we would be at all week. We had a slow start, only going in about 2.5 miles so our bodies could start acclimating to the altitude, staying the night at Mr. Fischer's favorite lake, Lake Powell.

The next morning we had a nice and slow packing-up, so we left at about 9am and started the toughest leg of journey, going roughly 8.5 miles to Upper Wire Lake. This took most of the day to get to, and all bodies weren't happy, but it whipped us up into shape.
So on Wednesday we did a long day hike cross-country, going to Middle Wire, and farther down to Lower Wire Lake. We ate lunch at the top of a ridge, then crossed 2 more ridges, putting us over 9000 feet every time, to get to Long Lake. Our destination for the day was beautiful, with a bit of sprinkles and thunder throughout the hike before heading back to camp at Upper Wire.

On Thursday we headed for Toe Jam Lake, as we where slowly heading out of Emigrant. Located at 8600 feet, it was a beautiful lake and we went swimming because it was as warm was a pool! Friday morning we headed back towards Lake Powell, as we had left Fridays dinner and Saturdays breakfast hiding there in a bag up in a tree. It was our last night in the Emigrant Wilderness, and the night was clear and calm.

So on Saturday it was a short hike (as it had been on the way in) to get back to the car. On the way back to the bay area, we ate lunch in Sonora and made a straight shot home.
Over the course of the week we backpacked over 35 miles in 5 days, and lots of day hiking. But it was a fun and leisurely trip though the granite, with beauty and green life abounding, and amazing vista views at the top of every hill and mountain we climbed.

-- John

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