Words from the Chief.....

Hello Brothers,

My term as chief has been better than I could have imagined. Its great working with all of you in cheerful service. Poppifest was postponed, but this just builds up the suspense and we will enjoy it just the same!
Recently, we have sent representatives in Native American regalia to help dens perform their Arrow of Light ceremonies. Conducting Webelos Arrow of Light ceremonies are one of the best cub outreach services we offer. They are loads of fun! If you are a good shot with an arrow and interested in trying it out, contact a chief or adviser.
Remember, This year is Hungteetsepoppi’s 60th anniversary, which means it is an extra special year for our lodge! After many designs, we have finally pinned down a design for our 60th anniversary lodge flap! We are aiming to have these patches available for you ASAP.

I know this is going to continue to be an amazing year!

Yours In Brotherhood,
Forrest Y.
Lodge Chief 2010-2011

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