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In a valiant effort this year, Hungteetsepoppi was able to take third place at the section W3A Conclave, and perhaps more importantly, first place in the Most Indian Lodge Competition. Poppi was beat out for the Conclave award by Miwok Lodge, who placed second and Achewon Nimat, who managed to secure first place through their domination of the Dance Competitions.

However, there was no lodge that put forth as much effort and pure determination as Hungteetsepoppi. Poppi helped kick off the competitions by taking second in OA jeopardy, proving that there is a large amount of brains to match the awe inspiring brawn Poppi put forth in the sporting competitions the next morning. Although outsized and outnumbered as the athletics began, Poppi managed to hold its own in the events. All included in the relay gave it their all, and prospects for placing in the event were high until a weapons malfunction greatly set back the Poppi relay team. However, not to be dismayed by things not under their control, Poppi battled back for second in Indian handball and dodgeball. Both events came down to a fierce showdown between Miwok and Hungteetsepoppi, and when the dust had cleared both sides could say they gave everything they had.

But just as notable as the sporting events was the outstanding display of Ceremonies prowess by the Poppi Ordeal Ceremonies Team. The four members of the team, Jacob A., Andrew H., Liam Z., and Alan L. not only dominated the event by taking first place, but also memorized the entire Ceremony beforehand. Jacob Andreas also helped sponsor Poppi as the only Lodge member competing in the Dance Competition. As an intermediate Grass Dancer, Jacob overcame regalia difficulties to place third in his division. The final notable event of Sand Painting, helped propel Poppi to a third place spot for the Conclave award. As the only Lodge with participants in every category, Poppi took home the gold for sand painting, with such memorable pieces as David Molemen’s depiction of a Campbell’s soup can.

It was a difficult weekend, and Hungteetsepoppi made sure that it provided tough competition for the other W3A lodges. And at the end when everything was said and done Poppi’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed and walked away with third place for Conclave and the cumulative year long award of Most Indian Lodge. It was a fun filled weekend and hopefully next year Hungteetsepoppi will be able to take its rightful spot as Conclave Champions.

By Stephen R


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