Conclave 2007.....


The Conclave this year was a difficult but rewarding event. The arrowmen arrived Friday evening, and, after dinner, participated in the opening show. There were many movies shown throughout the weekend, including Spaceballs and the entire Star Wars saga. The opening show was the tale of a young boy seeking to become stronger in the Service. If only they had their lines down. It was a good start to the Conclave, followed by the crackerbarrel.

The next morning we got up early to a good breakfast, and eager for the day’s activities. We started the classes early, and completed four fantastic classes before lunch. The classes included Nifty Camp Gadgets, Dutch Oven Cooking, Man and Nature, Robert’s Rules of Order, and many other classes. After lunch the competitive games began, starting with Tug -of War, which was a lost battle. Hungteetsepoppi then fought valiantly through volleyball, dodgeball and Indian Handball with only ten arrowmen. Meanwhile, other arrowmen participated in sand painting, creating colorful designs with sand glued to boards. The lodge adults prepared a Midway booth, which was a small taste of life in Piedmont, including some facts about Piedmont and one free item for all who came. There was also a fantastic chili cookoff, and Lodge Adult David Roy contributed his fantastic chili. Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, Luke, Liam, CJ, Mike, Will, Kevin, Derek, Patrick, Jack and Alan continued to compete in the games. The youth got many second’s and third’s, but won no game. After all the day’s activites were over, the weary Lodge members retired to the campsite, and dinner.

The next morning we had another great breakfast, then took down the teepee and tents, and loaded them into the cars. We had a Closing Ceremony, at which Hungteetsepoppi Lodge was awarded the Most Indian Lodge Award. It was a rewarding weekend, and all the Lodge members enjoyed the many activities and events.

-Liam Z.

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