Hungteetsepoppi Lodge Leadership.....
Carson S.

A senior at Piedmont High School, Carson has been highly involved in Scouting, Police Explorers, and OA. He has recently received the Vigil Honor, and is hopping to lead the OA to a great year at Conclave 2015 at Coast Guard Island. He is also serving as the Lodge Youth Coordinator for NOAC 2015.

Omar A-R.
Vice Chief, Membership

Omar is a Troop 6 Scout who recently achieved the rank of Eagle. He has been involved with Scouting since he joined Pack 6 in the 1st grade. He joined the Order of the Arrow in 7th grade when he completed his Ordeal, and he reached Brotherhood in 9th grade. Omar is currently a senior at Oakland Tech, where he plays lacrosse. Outside of that, he loves to play the piano and go on hikes with friends.

Scott N.
Vice Chief, Program

Scott is a senior at Piedmont high school and has been involved in scouting since 1st grade when joining pack four. Achieving his Eagle in 2012, he has remained active in scouts serving as the senior patrol leader and welcoming the new members into the troop. He enjoys sports and video games as well as spending time with friends.

Russell R.
Vice Chief, Communication adn Finance

Russell is a junior at the College Preparatory School in Oakland, California; he currently holds the rank of Eagle Scout. Russell has been involved with scouting since he started first grade in 2004. Originally with Pack 4, Russell joined Troop 6 at the start of 6th grade in 2009. Russell joined Hungteetsipoppi lodge in the beginning of 8th grade (2011). He has since earned the rank of brotherhood. In his free time, Russell enjoys fencing, archery, unicycling, picking locks, butterfly knives, playing the trumpet, and acrobatics.

Brendan G.

A junior at Piedmont High, Brendan is a Troop 1 Scout currently working on his Eagle. Prior to his election as Chief in 2013, he served as Secretary. Outside of school and Boy Scouts, he rows for the Oakland Strokes and regularly participates in community service events. His interests include good TV and journalism.

Evans H.
Blaise C.
Forrest Y.
Former Section W3S Secretary

Forrest has been involved in scouting his entire life starting with boat races in Tiger scouts to earning every award in the Cub Scout program and joining Troop 11, Venturing Crew 88 and 22, Piedmont Police Explorers, Brownsea NYLT staff, and OA Hungteetsepoppi lodge. Forrest earned his Eagle with palms, Venturing Bronze, Gold, and Silver, and the Triple Crown of High Adventure. Forrest was also the 5th person in the nation to earn the National Medal of Outdoor achievement and currently holds the merit badge record for Piedmont Council. He was awarded the William R. Peterson award in 2012 and received the Vigil honor in 2011 with the name; Lilpu Sakima Taholao Koochemink, meaning Active Chief Who Loves Outdoors. Forrest has marked all three of the National High Adventure Bases, NOAC, and Native American Dancing as a few of his best experiences in scouting. Forrest currently studies Bioengineering and Cognitive Science at The University of California, Merced and plans to go to Med School to become a doctor..

Mike C.

Mike is now retired from the position of Lodge Chief.

Will C.

Will is now retired from the position of Lodge Chief.

Jim Weber.

Jim is now retired from the position of Lodge Chief.

Luke Roy.

Luke joined Troop 6, the most awesome troop around, at the age of twelve. Within two years he had already been a Patrol leader, ASPL, and SPL. He is a very capable leader because he has had lots of experience.

Luke has been a member of Hungteetsepoppi for 3 years. He went through his Ordeal and then the next year was admitted as a Brotherhood member. That year he also directed the service project of the Ordeal. Luke went to the first PoppiFest and was part of the lodge that won the Conclave award and Most Indian Lodge.

Luke is now retired from the position of Lodge Chief.

Kevin Clark

Kevin has been in scouting since he joined Pack 4, Den 5 as a Tiger Cub. After he achieved the Arrow of Light he joined Troop 15. In his troop he served as Den Chief, Chaplains Aide, Quartermaster, and OA Troop Representative. Kevin was inducted into the Order of the Arrow at the September 2003 Ordeal. At the next ordeal in 2004 he served as Nutiket in the Ordeal Ceremony and later received the Brotherhood honor. He has achieved the rank of Life and wants to earn the rank of eagle by his junior year. He has also helped the lodge take the Conclave award for the last two years, and hopes to lead his lodge to the next Conclave victory.

Kevin is now retired from the position of Lodge Chief.

Ted Zika

Ted was inducted into the Order of the Arrow in September of 2001. He received the Brotherhood Honor the following year. He served as Lodge Chief, Secretary/Treasurer in 2002-2003, and was Section W3A Secretary for 2004-2005. Ted also attended two NOACs.

Ted is now retired from the position of Lodge Chief. Since becoming an adult, Ted has helped out as an Associate Lodge Advisor and now assists with the ceremonies team.

Ian Faison.

Ian has been involved in Scouting all of his life, starting when his brother joined Pack 6, 17years ago. He hung around his brother Jamie and father Jim during Boy Scout meetings and OA events until he was old enough to join Pack 6 himself. A few years later he got his Arrow of Light in 1997. He then joined he greatest troop in Scouting- Troop 6 and his first patrol was the Black Panther Patrol. His patrol leader became a lifelong friend and encouraging mentor- Mark Orgeron. After raising rank to First Class and camping numerous times he was eligible for the OA. He was elected by his fellow troop members went through the Ordeal and became a member of Hungteetsepoppi Lodge in 2000. He served as a patrol leader at the 2001 Jamboree for the Lost Boys' Patrol.

After being a member of the Presidential Award winning Hit Squad Patrol at the Camporee in 2001, he decided to become more involved in the OA. He was elected the Vice Chief of Ceremonies in 2002-03 , with fellow Troop 6 member Ryan Zika serving as Lodge Chief. He went to NOAC in 2002 with Ryan, Ted and Patrick Zika, Dr. Jim Yee, and Craig Leighty and had one of his most memorable Scouting experiences in his life. Ian also attended NOAC in 2004 with 15 other Lodge Members. Ian is now retired......

Ryan Zika.
Former Lodge
Former Section W3S Secretary

Ryan has been active in scouting since he became a Cub Scout in 1993. He received his Arrow of Light and joined Troop 6. Over his 9 years of being a Boy Scout he earned 71 merit badges, earned the 2 Catholic Scouting Medals, held almost every leadership position within the Troop including SPL, and was awarded the William R. Peterson youth leaderhip award. In 2003 he achieved the rank of Eagle. He also served as Patrol Leader on the 2001 National Jamboree and Crew Leader on Piedmont's 2003 Philmont excursion. He was elected into the Order of the Arrow in 2000. He observed Mark Orgeron's tremendous leadership skills as lodge chief and in 2001 became Lodge Secretary / Treasurer. In 2002 he became Lodge Chief. In his time as Chief, Hungteetsepoppi won the Most Indian Lodge Award and that year's Conclave. He then served as Section Secretary/Treasurer in 2003. He has attended the 2002 and 2004 NOACS. In 2005 he was awarded the Vigil honor and remains active in the Lodge.

Former Lodge Chief.

 Kevin Fischer, Lodge Advisor

Kevin has been in Scouting since 1967, and was inducted into the OA in 1969, and became a Brotherhood member in 1970. He received his Eagle in 1971, was elected and served as Lodge Chief in 1971-72 and again in 1972-73. He was elected and served as Section Treasurer in 1973-74, and received the Vigil in 1973.
As an adult, he has served as Scoutmaster of Troop 6 for 4 years, for the 1989 Jamboree, and Troop 11 for 8 years. He served two years as the Council's VP of Scouting, and served as OA Adviser from 1990-92. Kevin received the Silver Beaver in 1988.
In 2000, Kevin reassumed the position as Lodge Adviser, and with the help of Associate Advisers Craig Leighty, Art Edmonds, and Staff Adviser Paul Mayer, and new Ldoge Chief, Mark Orgeron, worked at reorganizing and revitalizing the lodge, and serves in this position today. In 2002, he received the "Founder's Award". Since then, the lodge has won the Conclave for the last three years, and despite this, he is still the Adviser....

Ted Zika, Associate Lodge Advisor

Ted, former Chief, is now serving as Associate Adviser

 Craig Leighty, Associate Lodge Adviser

Craig has been involved with Scouting for about 40 years (~10 as a youth and ~ 30 as an adult). As a youth, he achieved the rank of Eagle and earned 4 palms. He also attended three Jamborees (the 1960 and 1964 National and the 1963 World in Greece), went to Philmont, worked at the Scout pavilion at the New York World's Fair and also at his Councils Scout Camp during summer camp. As an adult, he has served in many capacities at the unit, Council, Regional and some at the National level including Cubmaster - 4 years, Scoutmaster - 4 years, District Commissioner - 4 years and most recently for the San Francisco Bay Area Council as Council Training Chairman. He was awarded the Silver Beaver in 1982. He was inducted into the Order of the Arrow in 1979 and received the Vigil Honor in 1983 and has been active on the OA ever since. In the early 1980's, he served 4 years as Lodge Adviser for Achewon Nimat Lodge and then as Section Adviser from 1997 through 2000. He's been to NOAC's starting in 1985 and has served on staff at NOAC since 1990, most recently as the Co-Adviser for the NOAC OA Museum. In 2000, he became involved with Hungteetsepoppi Lodge and is currently serving as Associate Lodge Adviser....

Jim Faison, Associate Lodge Adviser

Cub Scout in late 1940s, earning his Arrow of Light, left Pack 46, went to Troop 208, Concord, CA, in Mt. Diablo Council, enjoyed 3 years at Camp Wolfboro in the High Sierras, entered Explorers at age 14 and enjoyed Explorer Outings. After highschool, entered the military, and served 3 years with the US Army in Germany. Became active again in Scouting with son Jamie, as the Tiger Cub Den Leader then as Cub Master for the next 4 years, while serving concurrently as the Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop Six. Inducted into the OA in 1993, became a member of the Brotherhood in 1995, and a Vigil member in 2005, and enjoys irsome taks and weighty responsibilities of Lodge 466. He now serves the Lodge as Associate Advisor for Ceremonies.

Rick Clark, Associate Lodge Adviser

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