Lodge Meeting Minutes.....

Lodge Meeting Minutes - January 13, 2019 - 7:30pm

Piedmont Community Church Basement

1. Obligation

2. PoppiFest + Ordeal (March 8-10th)
a. Ordeal coordinator
b. Food Coordinator
c. Driving Coordinator
d. Carnival activities
e. Vote on PoppiFest patch design
Voted for Hungteetsepoppi bird on Camp Augusta tree
f. Forms need to be mailed to remaining candidates

3. Ceremonies Teams (Jonathan)
a. New team
o Liam (B)
o Jonathan (B)
o Diego
o John C
o Baron Z.
o Tommy S. (B)
o Seamus (B)
o Edward (B)

b. Ordeal and Brotherhood
Jonathan needs to split the team for each ceremony

c. Memorization and Que Cards
the new permanent team can now meet more often than just before a ceremony and try to memorize scripts

d. Who will be on each team?
TBD by Ceremonies team

4. Conclave
a. April 26-28, at Camp Cutter
b. Registration is open
c. How do we promote so members attend?
Continue emails
Continue sending out promotional flyers and vids
d. Lodge tee-shirts?
Most people liked the existing shirt
e. awards

6. Arrow of Light Ceremonies
a. Volunteers to help?
o Seamus
o Liam
7. OA troop reps
a. Volunteers?
o Troop 1 - Theo M.
o Troop 4 - Liam C.
o Troop 6 - Vincent
o Troop 11 - Jeff Kobal
o Troop 15 - Jack-John
o Troop 100 - Harrison F.

b. Training?

8. Ideas for new lodge events
a. suggestions
o Rifle shooting
o Smash Bros Brawl Tourney
o Paintball
o Go karts!
o Indoor rock climbing
b. discussion

8. Closing Announcements

9. Closing Song

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