Lodge Meeting Minutes.....

Minutes: Lodge Meeting, October 27th, 2017

Piedmont Community Church Basement, 7:30pm

7:35 Welcome/Obligation
7:35-40 Induction of new Officers
7:40-55 Ordeal/PoppiFest
- New people needed for ceremonies team for both ordeal and brotherhood, past ceremonies have been somewhat lacking.
- More people need to show up, each troop should have an OA representative.
- Driving coordinator needed
7:55 Cub Overnight
- Helping Cub-Scouts/Webelos with scoutcraft activities and helping prepare meals
- People needed from Friday night to Saturday Morning, but doing one or the other is fine too. One or two should stay the entire weekend.
- Not babysitting, more leadership and being a role-model
8:00 Fall Banquet
- Location somewhat unsure
- Guest speakers still needed
- Possibility of becoming a Father-Son event (done in the past)
8:03 T-Shirt possibility
- There was a Hungteetsepoppi T-Shirt for NOAC 2015; it was neat.
- Most other lodges have a shirt
- Could be included with sash during ordeal
- Artwork chosen, will get quotes
8:07 OA Hackathon
- OA event being held at Intel Headquarters in Folsom
- People could go on an individual basis, not necessarily as a lodge contingent.
8:10 Conclave
- Everyone should go to conclave, not many people went last year.
- Apparently will be better this year, better location (though somewhat far away, at Camp Chawanakee, on Shaver Lake)
- Even though it's far away, get it on the radar
8:15 NOAC 2018
- Next NOAC to be held in Indiana @ IU
- Also, far away, but final decisions have to be made earlier than other events
8:20 Tree Lot Set-Up/Takedown
- As is tradition, the OA is helping the setting up and taking down the Piedmont Council's tree lot.
- Every youth and adult lodge member should either attend the set-up or takedown
8:25 Closing Song

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