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January 2005 Newsletter!


Fellow Arrowmen,

The Lodge has had a great year so far! The fall Ordeal was one of the best we have ever had. The Annual Lodge Dinner was the greatest of all time. Many thanks go out to all of you for your help!

In January we will be having a Lodge meeting (1/9/05). At this meeting we will be discussing PoppiFest and the Conclave. We will also announce the winner of the Newsletter Naming Contest.

Half of the scouting year is over but another half is beginning. The next few months will be jam-packed with activities so DON'T MISS OUT!

Ted Zika
Lodge Chief






On Sunday, November 14 we had our Annual Lodge Banquet which was a huge success. We had a record number of attendance with over 70 members attending. We began the evening with a great dinner of ribs, chicken, salad, and a delicious unique garlic bread.

A highlight of the evening would have to be when Mac Jefferson talked about his experience being trapped in the Sierra Mountains because of snow and being rescued. He shared details of what happened and advice for what to do if you ever go to the snow.

The evening was full of excitement with the Founder's Award being given, a Vigil Tapout, and the new Officers were recognized at their first event since the Ordeal.

Youth and current Lodge Chief, Ted Zika and Associate Adviser, Craig Leighty were proud recipients of the Founder's Award which is an award given out annually to those who have given exceptional service to the lodge.

Ted being presented the Founder"s Award by Mark O., and Craig being presented the award by Ned.

Ian Faison was symbolically "tapped out" to become one of the next Vigil members in the lodge. This great honor is reserved for only two youths this year, the other tapout going to Ryan Zika (at another event). This is the first step in reaching Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow.

Throughout the rest of the night we heard from Section Chief Brian Casper, who presented Ian and Ted with the Conclave Award and Most Indian Lodge Award from the Conclave last April, and engaged in an awesome NOAC presentation. The night was a huge success and thanks to everyone who helped put it together.

JP Sbragia-Zoricic



In keeping with our commitment to service, the Lodge performed 4 service projects over the last two months.

November 20th, Scouting For Food

On Saturday, November 20th, Lodge members helped with the Scouting For Food drive.  We had a number of adult and youth members help with the Scouting For Food event by holding a "Second Sweep" of Piedmont. Every year, when the Scouting for Food event is held, many of those putting bags for pick-up out forget to place them by 9:00am. When the normal sweep is done, the bags are not out, and they are never picked up. This year, we did a second sweep of Piedmont to get those missing bags, and hopefully reduce the number of calls to the Scout Office for pickup. Thanks to those who drove and picked up bags at this event!

November 20th, Tree Lot Set-up

Also on Saturday, November 20th, we had a large number of Arrowmen attend and help with the Tree Lot Set-up. This is a huge job, and requires the efforts of many to get it accomplished. Well, the lot was set up, and we thank those Arrowmen who participated with this huge job!

NOVEMBER 27th, Bench Replacement at the Piedmont Community Church

In the courtyard outside the Council Office, the Piedmont Community Church was a bench that has rotted out and become a danger.  Several lodge members converged on the site on a rainy Saturday morning. The old bench was deconstructed, the rain ended, and a new bench was built to replace the old bench. While at the event, Ryan Z. was tapped to become another Vigil member in our Lodge. The Church sent us a note and was very pleased with the new bench, and sent thanks to the members who helped on that day.

December 26, Tree Lot Tear down

On Sunday, December 26th, over half of the Tree Lot Tear-down group were members of the lodge. With the many hands, the lot was torn down, the mess cleaned up, and the gear stowed for next year in the bins. This was another great group effort, and a reminder that the OA is a service organization.


The lodge will be holding service events throughout the year. Don't forget that you are part of this organization, and that we are the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service! Be there!


A fun weekend of games and Conclave preparation is coming up! OA members, mark your calendars for March 11-13, 2005 because it is the Second Annual PoppiFest for Lodge 466.

The weekend will be filled with handball, archery, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, carnivals, and casino games. Also, dance and history lessons will be held to get us ready to sweep the Conclave again this year. A spiffy patch will also be included.

- -

For Ordeal members and/or OA members who are not familiar with the Conclave, it will be an especially helpful trip. Both events are similar in games and lesson format.

Because there were around 11 OA candidates who did not make it to the October Ordeal, there is a possibility of a second Ordeal on the PoppiFest weekend. This is all dependent on whether we have enough candidates who are available and willing to participate. OA Troop Representatives as well as those of you who know the candidates should encourage them to come.

Just like last year, the PoppiFest will remain at Camp Augusta. However, unlike last year, we would like to see many more people involved. There will be sign-up sheets or something resembling a sign-up sheet at the January 9 lodge meeting.

David Molmen



This last Fall, two of our youth members were "tapped" to become the latest Vigil Members of our Lodge.

The Vigil Honor is the Highest Honor that an Arrowman can receive from their lodge. It represents a huge commitment to the Order and the Lodge, not just for what they have done, but for what they are expected to do in the future, and is not given without excellent reasons. An OA members needs to have been a Brotherhood members for at least two years before being being considered for this honor. Due to our Lodge's small size, we can only elect a maximum of two members a year for this honor.


At the Fall Banquet, Ian F. was tapped to become a Vigil member. Ian just completed his term as Lodge Chief, and is continuing to serve the Lodge.

At the November Church Bench service project, Ryan Z. was tapped to become a Vigil member. Ryan served as Lodge Chief, and Section W3A Secretary, and continues to work with the lodge and attend events when he is home from school.

Congratulations to Ryan and Ian for their selection to become a Vigil Members!


Our lodge newsletter has been going for a few years without a name, so it's time to come up with a fitting name for it!

Long ago, it was called the "Charred Blanket", which referenced the tragic consequences of communicating with smoke signals.  Do you have a better idea?  Let us know!

The person who submits the winning name will receive an Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil patch!

If you want to submit a name then please email Ted Zika at  Final decisions will be made at the January 9th meeting,, so we need to have your suggestion by then.  Don't delay!  Put those creative juices to work.


The Order of the Arrow Conclave is a wonderful event for fellow Arrowmen from throughout the section to come together and compete and learn more about OA. They have great games like Indian handball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, sand painting, Indian dance and OA jeopardy. It is full of fun and a time to meet new people from our section.








From the 2004 Conclave

in Watsonville.








This year, the Conclave will be held at the Napa County Fairgrounds in Calistoga. It will be held the weekend of April 22nd-24th. The festivities start Friday night and conclude Sunday morning.

On Saturday morning we take exciting classes about OA history, leadership in your lodge, Native American Studies, Communications, and much much more. After we eat our delicious lunches we compete in the games. After all the fun competitions are over, we take a rest and go eat so more great food. After dinner is when we elect Section Officers. Section officers are the ones that put the Conclave together and have meetings a couple times a year and discuss what is going on between the different lodges. Ted Zika from our lodge became the Secretary for Section W3A at the last Conclave. Later in the night the officers put on a wonderful show with short little movies and an exciting game of dodgeball. Last year Ian Faison was in the top 3. In the morning they have a big award ceremony and give the awards to each lodge that won an event.

Last year at the Conclave we won the Conclave Award and the Most Indian Lodge, two years running. We placed 1st in Indian Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Ceremonies, and Dance. This year we hope to take the two big awards again for the third time running this April.

It is really important that new OA members show up to support the lodge so we can take the Conclave three times in a row. It is super fun and anyone who has not gone is really missing out on a great experience.

Kevin Clark


The Lodge will hold it's first Business meeting of 2005, on Sunday, January 9th, at 7:30pm in the basement of the Piedmont Community Church. All members are invited to attend. Some of the items on the agenda include

Please plan on attending this important meeting! See you Sunday!


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