March 2004 OA Newsletter!



I want to thank everybody who participated in and helped make the first annual Poppifest a HUGE success.  Everybody had a great time and it will be an experience that I know everybody that went will not forget.  To the Arrowman that could not go, well, you missed out on a great time. But there is one way to make it up...  GO TO THE CONCLAVE.  This is the most important event this year and I feel that we can win it again as long as I have your help.  Everybody needs to sign up as soon as possible and if you have a problem then contact me.  Remember the OA is what you make of it.    


YIB   Ian




  It's hard to believe, but the Section W3A Conclave is almost upon us!  That's right, the sign-ups for the Conclave have started.

The Specifics:

    The Conclave is the weekend of April 23-25th.  From Friday night to Sunday morning.
Where:   The site will be the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville.
Cost:        The cost is $35 before April 9th, and $45 after April 9th or on-site.
Theme:    "Living the Legend"

If you have not attended a Conclave in the past, it is a BIG event, where all of the eight Lodges of the section attend for a weekend of fun, competitions, and learning.  There are lots of things to do, including classes is History, Leadership, Advising, Communications, Native American Studies, competitions between lodges in Ceremonies, Dancing, Indian Handball, Sand Painting, 5K run, Camp Promotions, and more.  Saturday night has a big show, and there is plenty of time to meet and socialize with other OA members from around the Bay Area.  Generally, about 400 arrowmen and women attend this event, which is always held at the end of April.

You should have received a copy of the Costanoan Connection in the last week, describing the Conclave, and it contained a sign-up sheet.  Also, a Conclave Sign-up sheet is enclosed as an attachment to this Newsletter.  Please mail in this sheet as soon as possible, or register on-line at

This year, we need to defend our titles from last year!  We believe our lodge has a good chance at willing the "Most Indian Lodge Award" and the Conclave Award again.  This will require all of our members to support the lodge and Section, and attend the Conclave.  It is always a fun event.

Mark your calendar!  April 23rd - 25th!  The Lodge needs your help, so please plan to attend!


Hey everybody,
    Thanks to all of you who came out for Poppi-fest and made the weekend memorable.  I think we can all agree everyone had a great time playing games winning prizes and just hanging out.  For those of you who were too busy to attend you missed out on a great fellowship weekend full of handball, archery, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, carnivals, casino games, and an auction.  However, even with all the fun we had we still managed to finish the poles for our teepee and got a fair amount of work in.  There was both a history and dance lesson, which proved to be educational and entertaining.  I strongly recommend that everyone who missed Poppi-fest this year can set their calendars so there are no conflicts for our second annual Poppi-fest.  The patch designed for the event should be ready shortly if not already and even people who  couldn't attend are able to purchase them.  After the training over the weekend hopefully now all of our new recruits are ready for the "big weekend," and we will come out with a first place victory at Conclave again this year.
    Speaking of the Conclave, I'm sure everyone is ready for the competition on the last weekend in April.  We need plenty of youth to come so we have someone in every event, especially dancing this year because we will be losing our dancers from last year.  Conclave will be a lot like Poppi-fest for those of you who will be there for the first time.  Classes in the morning and then the events will follow; handball, volleyball, archery, sand painting, dancing, OA Jeopardy, etc.  Don't forget, it is essential that we have plenty of people there.  We took first place last year and I'm certain it would make everyone happy, especially Ian, if we could keep the award for at least one more year.
    Another event that is closing in on us is NOAC.  Summer is coming up quick as you might have noticed from the insane heat and that means NOAC is coming up quick also.  For everyone going make sure to listen for planning meetings that should be showing up soon.  The National Order of the Arrow Conference in Iowa is set for July 31- August 5.  However, we have the opportunity to go three days in advance and stay as security for free during the Patch Traderee.  Another aspect of NOAC that is reaching a close is our lodge full pocket flap, whose design is almost completed, that should be available shortly also.  Well, that's all the news I have if you have any questions you can contact any of your Lodge officers.
                    Yours in Brotherhood,
                    Stephen Renner
                    Vice Chief of Communications and Finance


       This summer, NOAC 2004 will be held in Ames, Iowa on the campus of Iowa State University from July 31 to August 5, 2004.  This is the OA equivalent of the Boy Scout National Jamboree, but more civilized and more fun. Just ask Ian, Ted, or Ryan.   Those attending NOAC will decide what type of touring will be done before and after the NOAC.  This will be a very fun event. Fourteen Lodge members are already signed-up to attend the 2004 NOAC.  Are you missing out?


On Sunday, March 28th, at 7:30pm in the Church Basement, the Lodge will hold it's second business meeting of 2004.  This is a very important meeting, and the following topics will be discussed:

This is an important meeting, so please plan on being there and supporting the Lodge!  Don't forget to wear your sash and beads.


Sorry to bug you about this, but it's time to collect dues and make address changes again!  

If you didn't attend the Ordeal in September, or you haven't already sent in your dues in the last few months, we need you to send in your $8.00 as soon as possible!  If you don't feel you can renew your membership, please take a moment to let us know that as well, and we'll stop bugging you!

Please make a check out to "Hungteetsepoppi Lodge #466", for $8.00, and send it in with any updated information as to your email or mailing address and phone number.  Mail it to the Order of the Arrow, Piedmont Council, BSA, 10 Highland Way, Piedmont, CA 94611.  We need this to be done ASAP!  Thanks for your help!

If you would like to email any changes or information, please send them to Stephen Renner at "".

How do I contact those crazy Lodge Officers and Advisers?

Lodge Chief, Ian Faison:  ""
Vice Chief Membership, Ted Zika:  ""
Vice Chief Activities, Tommi Carson:  ""
Vice Chief, Communications and Finance, Stephen Renner:  ""
Adviser, Kevin Fischer:  ""
Associate Adviser, Art Edmonds:  ""
Associate Adviser, Craig Leighty:  ""
Staff Adviser, Paul Mayer:  ""