Volume Four Number One

February 2007 - March 2007

Piedmont Council, California

Words from the Chief

Our Chief...

Hello Everyone,
Poppifest is fast approaching and I need all of you to sign up soon. While there is little service involved for the youth of the lodge, the adults will be building a new dock to replace the one we tore down during the Ordeal weekend. The youth of the lodge, meanwhile will be practicing for Conclave sports events as well as preparing our sand painting and memorizing our ceremonies. I look to see all of you there. Sign up now please, so that we can get accurate food counts. You all should have received sign up forms by email. If you would return those to the Council Office, it would be greatly appreciated.

Conclave is also approaching, our big event of the year. Sign ups for that are also available online at the Section W3A site, which you can link to through the Hungteetsepoppi site. Conclave is at a beautiful location this year and is a mere 20 minute drive so that provides flexibility for all of you who might not be able to be there the entire time. We need people there to win Conclave.

You all might be receiving phone calls too in the next couple months for various projects the lodge officers are working on. Please remember our commitment to brotherhood in service and help them (CJ, Liam, Alan, and myself) when you are called upon.

Yours in Brotherhood
Lodge Chief

Did you know....
that there is a website that has a wealth of information on the OA's High Adventure Program?

The OA offers three different High Adventures. The OA Ocean Adventure in Florida, the OA Wilderness Voyage, at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Northern Minnesota, and the OA Trail Crew, at the Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico. For more information, click on the compass above which will take you to the High Adventure site.

These adventures have been described as the event of a lifetime. When you get a minute, ask CJ about how Philmont and Boundary Waters were. He's been to both!

Hungteetsepoppi Lodge
2007 Event Calendar

PoppiFest, Camp Augusta
March 23rd-25th

Lodge Meeting April 15th

2007 Section W-3A Conclave: April 27th - 29th

Council Camporee, Bort Meadows May 18-20th

Lodge Executive Meeting, Scout Office June 3rd

Lodge Summer BBQ, Juaquin Miller June 24th


PoppiFest 2007

Camp Augusta

The 2007 PoppiFest is coming up soon, March 23rd to March 25th! Please note that the date has changed due to scheduling conflicts.

I hope everyone is planning to attend our fourth annual PoppiFest. It is an exciting event where we basically get ready for the Conclave, with different sports (though the rules keep changing...), crafts, teambuilding, and activities.

The day usually includes classes, OA History, Lodge History and then breakfast in the morning, followed by sand painting and various other arts and crafts. After lunch we begin on the games, usually Indian Handball, Dodgeball and other sports. Don't worry, new members, the rules to these games will be explained. Usually after that we play in the dry lakebed or hang out, and then have a delicious dinner provided by the chefs. After dinner we move on to one of the best parts of the event, the Carnival. This is a collection of different types of carnival events, including poker or blackjack, bean-bag toss, and many other fun events. You play for "money", which, at the end of the evening, determines the order in which we will pick prizes. Many prizes were handed out last year, a large portion being Boy Scout mugs. One lucky OA member even got a free pass to NOAC! This is a very fun event which you should come to if possible.

For more details on how to sign up visit the Hungteetsepoppi website at www.oa466.org Sign up sheets should be turned into the Council Office no later than Friday, March 16th.

-Liam Z.

Unit Elections

As some of you may know, Unit Elections season is about to start. In the next month, representatives from the lodge will be coming to troop meetings to facilitate the elections. Electing new members is a key part of maintaining the strength of our lodge in the section, and is essential to attaining quality lodge status. All arrowmen should plan to attend their troop's election night, and encourage their fellow scouts to vote fairly so that deserving scouts have to opportunity to join the lodge. If you would like to assist with unit elections, contact CJ ( cgorud@gmail.com). Hope to see you all at the troop meetings

National Conservation and Leadership Summit
July 28th - Aug. 1st
Indiana University

The National Conservation and Leadership Summit (NCLS) is scheduled to be held July 28 through August 1 on the Indiana University Campus in Bloomington. Nearly 2500 Arrowmen from across the nation are expected to attend the event.

The twofold purpose of the NCLS will be to train key management and strike team leaders for the 2008 ArrowCorps5 program, and to present the Order of the Arrow 2008-2023 Strategic Plan to the key lodge, section, and region leadership.

Approximately 800 ArrowCorps5 staff members will be trained and certified in techniques that will prepare them for leadership roles. The training will include project planning, conservation methods, tool usage, logistics, crew management, health and safety, and other important topics.

The Order's leadership will learn how the OA plans to serve and support Scouting, develop leaders of character, promote outdoor adventure, and be an active, hinored brotherhood over the next five years. Training sessions, workshops, discussion groups on how to impliment the plan will be a part of the summit program.

The Youth and adult Arrowmen interested in serving as ArrowCorp5 staff emebers will be selected by the Incident Commander (lead adviser) after making application on line and securing the necessary approvals. Only arrowmen 18 years of age and older will be selected as staff members.

Contact Kevin Fischer or Paul Orgeron if you are interested in attending this event!

From the National OA Bulletin, BSA.

Conclave 2006 at Cutter Scout reservation

The Order of the Arrow wants you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

During the summer of 2008, the Order of the Arrow will deliver one of the largest conservation efforts in Scouting's history. ArrowCorps5 will be unlike any program the Boy Scouts of America has ever offered. More than 5,000 Arrowmen will converge on five national forests over five different weeks to make a difference that will literally last a lifetime.

Whether building new trails or helping preserve nearly extinct species, you will be working shoulder-to-shoulder with Arrowmen from across the country to improve our forests, our lands, and our world. Open to both youth and adult Arrowmen, ArrowCorps5 will teach you valuable leadership and conservation skills you can take home to your lodge to bring the Outdoor Code to life in your community.


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Words from the Chief

PoppiFest 2007

Conclave 2007

Unit Elections

National Conservation and Leadership Summit


Did you know....

Upcoming Events:

2007 Spring PoppiFest
March 23-25th
Camp Augusta

Lodge Business Meeting
April 15th, 7:30pm
Piedmont Comm. Church

Section W3A Conclave
April 27-29th
College of Marin
Indian Valley Campus

Council Camporee
May 18th- 20th

Lodge Spring BBQ
June 24th, 6:30pm
Joaquin Miller Park

Conclave 2007

Conclave, OA’s equivalent to the Camporee, is coming up! Hungteetsepoppi has a winning tradition which I hope to continue with all of your help. This year it is being held at Indian Springs. Hosted by Talako, this Conclave promises to be a lot of fun with many sports and individual competitions.
Registration will begin in early February. Please register quickly in order that we might utilize PoppiFest to practice for our competitions and win Conclave 2007!
I created the design for this years conclave patch wanting to incorporate aspects of the Star Wars like theme as well a desire to have a non circular patch. The section settled on an arrowhead patch with an Indian holding a light saber. The patch looks awesome and you should attend if only to get the patch.
Check it out here

On-line registration is open now, so take a few minutes and register now!


Purpose of the OA

The purpose of the Order of the Arrow is fourfold:

1) To recognize those Scout campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives
2) To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit
3) To promote Scout camping
4) To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others

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