April 2005


Dear Lodge Brothers,

As we approach the Conclave, I just want to thank everybody for all their hard work. It has been a great year. Lets finish it strong with a Conclave victory! We just had are annual PoppiFest at Camp Augusta. It was a lot of fun. It showcased Indian handball, sand painting, dodge ball, and a carnival with prizes. Arrowmen Patrick Nolan even won two tickets to Disneyland! Huge thanks go out to David Molmen who organized the event, and to Chris Lee for providing great food.
The lodge will be having a Lodge Business Meeting on the tenth of April. This meeting will be very important for all Arrowmen. It will also have a few fun things thrown in the mix.
Coming up on April 22-24 is the most fun OA event of the year. The Conclave. It will be held at the Napa County Fairgrounds in beautiful Calistoga. This weekend is jammed packed with fun events. All other lodges from the section will be competing for the Conclave Award. An award that we have won for the past two years, and intend on winning for a third year in a row. Come be part of the dynasty and join your fellow lodge brothers at the Conclave!

Yours in Brotherhood
Ted Z.
Lodge Chief



The Order of the Arrow Conclave is a wonderful event for fellow Arrowmen from throughout the section to come together and compete and learn more about OA. They have great games like Indian handball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, sand painting, Indian dance and OA jeopardy. It is full of fun and a time to meet new people from our section.

This year, the Conclave will be held at the Napa County Fairgrounds in Calistoga. It will be held the weekend of April 22nd-24th. The festivities start Friday night and conclude Sunday morning. Click here to sign up now.

On Saturday morning we take exciting classes about OA history, leadership in your lodge, Native American Studies, Communications, and much much more. After we eat our delicious lunches we compete in the games. After all the fun competitions are over, we take a rest and go eat so more great food. After dinner is when we elect Section Officers. Section officers are the ones that put the Conclave together and have meetings a couple times a year and discuss what is going on between the different lodges. Ted Zika from our lodge became the Secretary for Section W3A at the last Conclave. Later in the night the officers put on a wonderful show with short little movies and an exciting game of dodgeball. Last year Ian Faison was in the top 3. In the morning they have a big award ceremony and give the awards to each lodge that won an event.

Last year at the Conclave we won the Conclave Award and the Most Indian Lodge, two years running. We placed 1st in Indian Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Ceremonies, and Dance. This year we hope to take the two big awards again for the third time running this April.

It is really important that new OA members show up to support the lodge so we can take the Conclave three times in a row. It is super fun and anyone who has not gone is really missing out on a great experience.

Kevin C.

From the 2004 Conclavein Watsonville.



Lodge Elections

Along with this year's Conclave comes the election of new lodge leadership. This year's elections will be held at the Conclave coming up (which I hope everyone will be at). They will be held during a lodge meeting either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. You must be present at the meeting to vote. All those interested in running for office must also be present at meeting. Each person
who wants to run for an office needs to be nominated by one of his fellow Arrowmen and then deliver a speech on about his qualifications for the position. Anyone interested in running for the position of Lodge Chief is strongly encouraged to have one year of active membership in the lodge as well as a good understanding of how the lodge is run and how to lead at a lodge level. Anyone interested in running for any of the three Vice Chief positions
(Vice Chief Membership, Vice Chief Ceremonies, or Vice Chief of Communications and Finance) needs to have knowledge about his particular field and have a strong desire to lead and work with the Chief. I strongly encourage any members interested in serving as an officer to give a shot at running, and if you are curious about a position feel free to ask any of the current or past officers about the job. Also, I cannot stress enough the importance of attending the Conclave and voting at this meeting. At this meeting, you will be
electing the executive board for the next year. They will be planning and making all lodge activities happen so make sure you vote for someone you know will do a good job. Good Luck to all who intend on running for office and remember to vote!!!

Yours In Brotherhood,
Ryan Z.
Former Lodge Chief 03



Hey everyone,

We just had an excellent Second Annual PoppiFest filled to the brim with fun and games and the occasional bit of cheerful service. Preparation for the Conclave was key, and we spent a good portion of the day playing Indian Handball, Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee, but we also managed to pack in sand painting and OA history. After breakfast the next morning everyone paid close attention to the history lesson held in the lodge, as an OA Jeopardy session was scheduled for later that evening.


We also spent time practicing sand painting, with some truly beautiful designs coming from some very skilled artists. With a couple of events taken care of, we moved out to set up the teepee before doing some service projects. After we pondered for a while on how to start it out, everything just clicked and we had it up within fifteen minutes, which was said to be a new record. The early afternoon passed quickly with the help of certain tasks and good buddies to share them with. We ate an excellent lunch and then headed down to the field to play handball, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Ted split everyone into equal teams and we set about being really tough opponents and each team gave the other some really great games. During the games we welcomed some late arrivals and included them in our fun.






We are definitely ready for the conclave! We got back just in time for dinner, and then afterwards the aforementioned OA Jeopardy and finally the carnival/casino night! Everyone was given the same amount of monopoly money and had their choice of games, including poker, blackjack, bean bag toss, peanut shucking and many other excellent activities. When everyone had their winnings, an auction was held to close out the night. The prizes ranged from bags of pistachio nuts to two tickets to Disneyland! In the end everyone managed to get what they wanted and people quietly headed to their beds.




We all went to bed peacefully, and awoke the next morning to find not only another excellent breakfast, but that four brothers had achieved the Vigil honor while we slept. Congratulations to Ryan Z, Ted Z, Ian F. and Jim Faison on their accomplishment! After that, packing up and heading out went pretty fast, and we were back in the bay area before long. A patch a lot like last year's was given to participants, and can be purchased at the next meeting or event. A lot of effort is being given to getting ready for the conclave this year! We have won 1st place for the past two years, and can count on becoming a dynasty given the skills and qualities we possess as a lodge. Don't forget to sign up soon if you haven't already.

Thanks to everyone who made PoppiFest a great experience for us all!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Tyko S-C


This last Fall, two of our youth members, Ian and Ryan were "tapped" to become the latest Vigil Members of our Lodge. At the PoppiFest, youth member Ted and adult member Jim Faison were tapped out to become members of the Vigil Honor.

We're happy to announce that all four Lodge Members were inducted into the Vigil Honor at the PoppiFest.

The Vigil Honor is the Highest Honor that an Arrowman can receive from their lodge. It represents a huge commitment to the Order and the Lodge, not just for what they have done, but for what they are expected to do in the future, and is not given without excellent reasons. An OA members needs to have been a Brotherhood members for at least two years before being being considered for this honor. Due to our Lodge's small size, we can only elect a maximum of two members a year for this honor.




Congratulations to Ryan, Ian, Ted and Jim for their selection and induction as Vigil Members!



Our lodge newsletter has been going for a few years without a name, so the lodge was asked to contribute suggestions for a name. The youth voted, and our new newsletter name is "Whispering Feathers". See the top of the newsletter for a look! Congratulations to Ryan for suggesting the name and helping design a masthead. Thanks Ryan!


The Lodge will hold it's Pre-Conclave Business meeting of 2005, on Sunday, April 10th, at 7:30pm in the basement of the Piedmont Community Church. All members are invited to attend. Some of the items on the agenda include

Please plan on attending this important meeting! See you Sunday!


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