MAY 2006




Dear Lodge Brothers,

We turned our hard work and dedication into a huge success. We got third place for the Conclave Award and won "Most Indian Lodge Award" for the FOURTH YEAR in a row! This officially proved to everyone in the Section that Hungteetsepoppi Lodge is a force to be reckoned with. Our dominance in events, participation, and spirit allowed us to repeat in winning numerous awards at Conclave.

I want to thank everyone who came, helped and participated in the Conclave and without every single person we could not have done it. Our dynasty may have ended but we are going to KICK Achie's butt next year and retake the Conclave award.

We just had are annual PoppiFest/ Ordeal at Camp Augusta. It was a lot of fun. It showcased Indian handball, sand painting, dodge ball, and a carnival with prizes. Arrowmen John Weber won a free ticket to NOAC! Huge thanks go out to Mr. Bogie who organized the food, and to Mr. Orgeron for helping with the cooking and organizing the drivers! I also want to thank everyone who helped work in the kitchen and the building of the fence. Don't forget to welcome the two new Arrowmen into our lodge.

The camporee is coming up and we are planning to set up the Tepee again. I hope many arrowmen will show up and help set it up. Also we are holding our Officer Elections at Camporee so anyone interested in running for office should attend. I highly recommend running for office because it is an extremely rewarding experience. I have done it the past year and have had a blast. If you have any questions or comments about being a lodge officer feel free to call me anytime. Keep up the good work.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Kevin C.
Lodge Chief 2005-2006



This year at the 2006 Poppifest, we all had a great
time. Many of the guys attended, and a couple of new
candidates went along to have their ordeal. Weather conditions were fair enough, with a little chill at the worst.

Although the field was slightly too muddy for us to play any sports, we decided to try our luck in the supposedly " dried up" lake. Yet, after awhile running around, some of us found that the lake had many hidden mud spots. Later that night, we had an Ordeal ceremony for the two new guys.

The cermonies crew did an awesome job dealing with the two new Ordeal candidates. Partly scripted, partly improvised, no one forgot their lines and everyone re-learned what it means to be an Arrowmen. After the Ceremony, we started in on a dinner created by the master chefs of Hungteetsipoppi.

Dinner was delicious and afterwards we headed back to the Camp Agusta Lodge to start up the Carnival. We all had a rip roaring time playing the games that were provided. Then, after everyone had collected their money we had the auction. Many of the prizes were good and fun, while others were much more... interesting.

After the carnival we went to sleep, got up the next morning, packed up, and left. Overall, this third year of Poppifest was a great time.

Patrick N.


This year we go for the 4th win in a row and are going to get this 4th win. The people at the conclave have been trying to make it harder for us to win, but no matter what, we shall prevail. If you do not know what the Conclave is, it is the gathering that we attend once a year where all the lodges in our section (W3A) meet at and compete at. This is a very fun event and you should all go to it if you haven't been to it before and even if you have been to it you should know that it is fun and you should go and like it.

The Conclave is basically a composition of a weekend where you go and compete in different activities. Every year, for most of Saturday, the Conclave is home to the highly acclaimed Uncas University program. This year, there will be a heavy emphasis on quality of training, as opposed to diversity of classes, ensuring that every Arrowman will return to his lodge enthusiastic and ready to apply that which he learned at Conclave. Arrowmen can choose the college under which they wish to study, such as Native American History, Leadership, or Communications to name a few. Later Saturday afternoon, break out your running shoes, because it's the Activities Committee has a killer lineup of games and exciting competitions to keep every Arrowman on his feet!

Other events, such as sand painting, dodge ball, ultimate Frisbee, Indian handball, and Indian dance of assorted types.

We would really like to win the Indian dance award this year although it would be tough but that plaque is AWESOME!!! If you would like to participate in the Indian dancing which is super fun, contact Jacob Andreas and help us bring home that giant plaque.

-Andrew H.

WHEN: April 28-30th, 2006

COST: Only $35

WHERE: Cutter Scout Reservation,

How do I register? Click on this link, and register on-line. It's quick and easy.


NOAC 2006

If You didn't know...
NOAC is the National Order of the Arrow Conference that happens every-other year. This next NOAC is going to be at Michigan State University and will be July 29th through August 3rd. If you haven't been to a NOAC yet, this is something you don't want to miss. This is a Conclave on the nation wide scale.

It is insane. For a week, all you see is a campus filled with OA members (scary, I know) but you will get a giant boost if you are interested in patch trading (our patches are like gold). If you are interested in helping out, you should contact Patrick and help design the set for 2006. NOAC costs $335 per person (according to the National OA Website), but there will also be a charge for transportation. A $100 deposit is due in the Scout Office no later than February 15th along with the NOAC sign-up form which is on the "Downloadable Forms" part of the Website. You will need to have a Class III Medical form due by May 15th and obviously a parent / guardian signature.

We hope to have a large turnout at NOAC 2006 and we hope to do well in the sports again and not get messed up because they scheduled every event at the same time.

If you are interested in this outing, visit NOAC 2006 (click on this link or the NOAC 2006 banner to the right) for more information.

If you would like to download the Sign Up Sheet, click here

Andrew H.

Here is the intrepid group from the 2004 NOAC in Iowa State University.


Last November and December, many members from the Lodge participated in Service Projects for the Council. In November, Arrowmen assisted in the "Scouting For Food" drive, by organizing and carrying out the "second pickup" of food bags in the community. That same day, a large number of members spent the day helping in the construction of the Council Tree Lot. On December 23rd, another large lodge group assisted in the Tear Down of the Tree lot for much of the day. By my estimation, almost 75% of the crew were lodge members.

Many thanks to all the Arrowmen who helped with this! Now, read the article below on the Leadership in Service Award.


(From the National OA Website)

In recognition of the Order of the Arrow's heritage of service, the National Order of the Arrow Committee created a new three-year Leadership in Service Program which was announced at the 2004 NOAC. The Order strives to strengthen Scouting's foundation of service by further fostering in Arrowmen the ethic of servant leadership. By promoting and rewarding service that benefits the Boy Scouts of America's outdoor program, and the communities in which Scouts reside, the Order will be acting to support Scouting at the most important level.
Leadership in Service

It's not that difficult to earn, and you'll only be able to get it during the next two years. The requirements are that you:

* Give 8 hours of service participating in a lodge, chapter, or council service project benefiting a local council camp (lodge induction weekends do count). Service may be split over two or more events.
* Give 6 hours of service doing a community service project planned and run by the lodge or chapter.

Many Hungteetsepoppi members have already earned it for 2005. Now is the time to start working on it for 2006. Plan on joining in wit your fellow lodge members and work on it at any of the e projects and the Ordeal in 2006.

If you want to apply for the Leadership in Service award, just contact any of your Lodge Officers. For more information, check out the Leadership in Service website at

-Jacob A.

A Leadership In Service Award Sign-Off form is available for Arrowmen to use to report the completion of this award to their lodge.


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