Volume Nine Number One

January 2012 - May 2012

Piedmont Council, California

Words from the Chief

Hello Brothers,

I want you to know that my term as chief has been a great experience, and surpassed anything I could have imagined going into it. I enjoyed serving beside all of you as my fellow brothers in cheerful service. Although we did not have a Poppifest this season, next year will come and bring us new members. Recently we have been sending representatives to all of the troops of the Piedmont Council, to perform Arrow of Light ceremonies for the Cub scouts. We also enjoyed having a great Conclave with Section W3S and Section Elections. The Conclave was a great experience and was the first Conclave to be held at a Zoo. I am looking forward to the upcoming end of the year BBQ and electing next years leaders. I am also looking forward to NOAC this summer, which will be a fantastic new experience!

This has been a wonderful year, thank you all for being a part of it with me!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Blaise C.
Lodge Chief 2011-12

Hungteetsepoppi Lodge
2012-2013 Event Calendar

Spring Lodge BBQ and Lodge Officers Elections
Joaquin Miller Park
6:00pm, June 3rd, 2012

NOAC 2012
Michigan State University
East Lansing
July 30th - August 4th, 2012

Lodge Business Meeting
August 26th, 2012
Sunday, 7:30pm
Piedmont Scout Basement

Fall 9th Annual
PoppiFest/Ordeal Weekend
Camp Augusta
October 12-14th, 2012

Lodge Annual Banquet
November 4th, 2012
Location TBD

Western Region NLS- NLATS
Coast Guard Island, Alameda
November 9-11th, 2012

The PeppiFest That Didn't Happen...

Not again! In past years, there is often issue because of rain, however in many years, there is often very minimal amounts so that the weekend is still as fun and alive as it should be. However, this year was very unlucky in terms of weather. Poppifest's original date was on a weekend that was scheduled to have a very large downpour, which it indeed did. The lodge leadership made an educated decision to postpone the event to a later weekend, however, as the new date neared, weather was predicted to be the same. After a final decision, the leadership has decided to move this years PoppiFest to coincide with the Ordeal in the fall. At this date, weather is very rarely an issue, and it is already projected to be one of our highest attended events of the year!
PoppiFest is typically where most members have the opportunity to take part in the brotherhood ceremony, however due to the last-minute cancelation, brothers like Renzo D. had the opportunity to go through the ceremony at this years Conclave, hosted by Tah-Heetch lodge at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. (See Conclave Report)
Sadly, because of postponements of PoppiFest the year before as well, all of the carnival prizes have been twice stored, growing in amount each year. The PoppiFest in October is most likely to yield one of the best collections of prizes ever, including an iPOD Touch!
If you have not received a refund for the postponement, contact the lodge leadership. However, be prepared to sign up for the fall ordeal! It's going to be awesome!


Are we there yet?

NOAC 2012

National OA Conference 2012

July 30 through August 4, 2012

It's finally here! The 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will be one of your most memorable Scouting experiences. The last NOAC was in 2009, and only occurs every few years, with the next in 2015 as the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. This years NOAC will be held at Michigan State University from July 30 through August 4, 2012 and is believed to be one of the largest in the Order's history with more than 8,000 Arrow-men in attendance! NOAC will feature a number of unique events, including national competitions for ceremonies, drum, and dance; evening shows; the OA history museum; and awesome recreation competitions such as soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee… In past years, we have done exceptionally well in basketball, and in 2009, we were THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in the mascot race, thanks to past lodge chief, Will Carter!

Highlights of the event include the Founder's Day festivities such as the Founder's Day Parade, the Grand Hodag, and the Inter-Region dodge ball battle are some of the exciting events at NOAC. This year, Forrest Y. and Evans H. will be assisting Indy N. as DJ's at Founder's Day!
Arrow-men can participate in service projects, high adventure opportunities, leadership training, American Indian Activities training, and much more. While enjoying the various activities, Scouts will have a great time meeting new brothers and sharing their experiences with people from around the nation.
Some brothers that are already registered include; Blaise C., Ryan L., Brendan G., Forrest Y., Evans H., Kevin Fischer and Jeff Green!
Contact Blaise or Kevin if you have any interest in attending this monumental event! Deadline for reservations is June 30th

Lodge BBQ & Officer Elections!

Its that time of year again! With summer approaching, we would like to again come together as a lodge to celebrate our successes, socialize, and enjoy free food! In June, The lodge will be hosting our annual lodge BBQ at Joaquin Miller Park.

It is here where we will hold elections for the New Years leadership! Elected positions available are Hungteetsepoppi Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice Chief of Programs, Lodge Vice Chief of Communications and Finances, and Lodge Vice Chief of Administration. If you have any interest in attempting to run for any of these positions, feel free to contact any of the current lodge officers to get an idea of the leadership expectations. All youth are encouraged to run, and the experience is one of a kind that will teach you life skills that can be used in the future.

Conclave Report!

WOW! What a great year! This years Conclave was full of many surprises and was revolutionary in re-engineering the options for future Conclaves. To start, this was the first Conclave EVER to be held at a Zoo. New events made available because of the location included free tickets to the zoos world-famous bird show and a lodge-competitive scavenger hunt, the winner of which was Toloma lodge. Although the overall attendance price was raised because of access to zoo commodities, it was definitely well worth the money!

With an exciting portion of the day dedicated to newly themed trainings, sponsored by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), W3S Conclave 2012 represented the cornerstone of STEM- sponsored Conclaves world-wide. Fitting to the STEM theme, the nightly shows displayed Combat Robot fights, sponsored by our lodge, where the section leadership fought to the death and poked fun at Section Chief Indy N.'s pink hair (result of a lost bet with Joe Barton, Western Region Chief).
At the end, after a fierce political battle, Indy Nelson, Forrest Y., and Monchen K. stepped down from section office for Ryan Jones, Dylan Law, and Trevor Ferguson. (Section Chief, Vice Chief, and Secretary, respectively)
For those of you who were unable to make it to this awesome event, here is a short video reflecting on some of the events highlights, courtesy of Elvin W. (Miwok lodge) http://vimeo.com/41249965
See you next year!


In this Issue:

Words from the Chief

NOAC 2012

Lodge BBQ and Officer Elections

W3S Conclave 2012 Report

The PoppiFest that didn't happen....

Unit Elections

Did you know....

Upcoming Events:

Lodge Spring BBQ and Officer Elections
June 5th, 2012
Joaquin Miller Park Picnic Area

NOAC 2012
July 30th - August 4th, 2012 Michigan Sate University

Lodge Business Meeting
September, 2012
Scout Basement

Fall PoppiFest and Ordeal Weekend
October 12-14th, 2012
Camp Augusta

Unit Elections

With the close of another school year, troops are beginning to conclude their string of weekly meetings with planning for the summer festivities. Lodge Vice Chief Ryan Pike has been working hard with the troops to arrange ideal meeting dates to conduct Troop elections! All Order of the Arrow members are initially voted by their unit peers, and this process is a potentially life-changing opportunity for many scouts.
First in line was Troop 1, whose election yielded very optimistic results! After determining which of the eligible candidates wished to have their name up for election, a vote was held. After a very conclusive tally of results, every scout on the ballot was determined to have shown ideal maturity, leadership, and enthusiasm to continue. This gives the lodge high hopes that Troop 1 will be bringing much to the table this coming induction. Shortly after, Troops 6 and 11 were held.
At the Camporee, the elected scouts were recognized at the council Camporees Saturday night campfire Call-Out ceremony, conducted by Vice Chief Kyler S. After this recognition, the eligible scouts will receive an invitation in the mail instructing them on the next step of their journey… Ordeal.

Did you know....

The Lodge has been a part of Piedmont Scouting for 61 years? Hungteetsepoppi Lodge has a proud tradition in Piedmont scouting, and the Piedmont community. Our lodge has been providing service to Camp Augusta since about 1980, long before it became a Piedmont Community Camp. After Camp Wallace Alexander closed in 1973, we searched for a camp to hold our Ordeals. After holding them at Camp Tamarancho for a few years, we settled into Camp Augusta when it was still a Campfire Girl Camp.

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