June 2005


Dear Lodge Members

Congratulations on a great year! In case you missed it, we won the Conclave Award, most Indian Lodge, and the Spirit Award. It was a very fun weekend. We had one of the highest attendance in lodge history. It was probably the most fun event I've been to in my
scouting career.

In a few weeks we are having a lodge BBQ to celebrate our victory and welcome the new officers. It should be a lot of fun so make sure you can make it.

Ted Zika





The Conclave 2005 was a success for all Hungteetsepoppi members. We won all the sporting events and had a great time doing it. We had more spirit than anyone with our Hungteetsepoppi Western Tanager costume and we had the 2nd biggest attendance at the Conclave, earning us 7 points, 2nd to only the host lodge Ut-In-silica. But in our defense, they had more people attending the Conclave then there are people in our lodge. Although we had the greatest percentage of attendance which is a giant victory for us.
In the competitions, we got third place in Indian Dancing. That is HUGE! If we can get more people to dance, hopefully we will be able to beat Achewon Nimat and take home all the awards. In ultimate Frisbee, we had a slight challenge in the finals, but won anyway over Talako. The dodgeball tournament was no problem. We won 1st place and managing to peg our section chief in the process. In volleyball and Indian handball, we dominated. In ceremonies we got third, which will become first next year after Jacob is through with our ceremonies team. In sandpainting we got 2nd and in the website we got an unfortunate 6th place, due to a small computer screen. In Planbook we got 2nd and newsletter we tied for first.
In training, we didn't do so well. We had only 87.8% of our attendees earn a degree, when 4 out of 8 lodges got 100%. In spirit, somehow Achewon Nimat managed to beat us at spirit at the theme show even though we had a dancing bird and a loud crowd. We did get full 8 points in the Council of Chiefs rank order though. This brought us to a grand total of 138 points scoring first over Achewon Nimat with 133 points. And Hungteetsepoppi wins the Conclave for the 3rd straight year.

Andrew H.


Hungteetsepoppi's brand new Indian Dance team had its first competition at Conclave, finishing 3rd place, with reigning champion Achewon-Nimat taking the trophy. Through the combined efforts of Liam Z., Kevin C., Andrew H., Jacob A. and adviser Adam Lovell, we were able to enter two dancers in this year's competition. Kevin C.participated in the straight-dance (southern traditional) competition, and Jacob A. entered as a grass dancer. Everyone who participated had a good time, and our success in the dance competition helped us secure our 3rd victory at Conclave. Other lodges were very supportive, even offering to help get the fledgling team off the ground. "You can come to our practices," said the Ache dance adviser, "but only until you get better than us."

We are always looking for new members - this is a fun thing to do and a great tradition that extends far beyond the Order of the Arrow. Interested in joining? Send an email to: oa466dance@googlegroups.com to sign up.




This year's section W3A Conclave has been won by none other than Hungteetsepoppi Lodge, which gives us a three year winning streak! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who attended and helped make this Conclave a time to remember! A lot of planning and preparation went into this Conclave, and it certainly showed through as we swept the sports events and demonstrated our prowess and will to win all throughout the weekend. Arriving Friday night, the usual signing in and signing up for classes took place, and everyone just milled around, eating popcorn and drinking punch until the opening ceremony was to take place. A certain excitement filled the room as all 8 lodges prepared to make themselves known and feared by showing their tremendous spirit, and the anticipation was felt even more by the new Ordeal members, as this Conclave was to be their first. Hungteetsepoppi started the spirit "battle" early by issuing a never-flinching cry of "Po-Pi, Po-Pi," and disregarding the pleas of other lodges to hush while never crossing the line of being obnoxious. Various decorous items supplied by our mighty Spirit adviser and Spirit chair helped bring out the Tanager in us and would eventually lead us to victory, paired with our overwhelming enthusiasm and desire to win. The opening ceremony was informative and stimulating, with an overview of what the weekend would hold from the section officers, and an excellent game of Simon-Says, which our very own Luke Roy won, along with another very alert and cautious contender. With the opening ceremony behind us, everyone brought out a plain white T-Shirt and waited to have a very cool iron on picture of our Totem put onto it. Thanks to Kevin Fischer for making those iron on patches! After everyone had their T-Shirt petitions we were participating in. Meanwhile, the teams on the field were winning the first of their competitions, and practicing against each other to warm up for the next game. As we walked out of the judging room, we quickly discussed our good points and our flaws before taking off to get to dance and sports competitions. While Jacob Andreas competed in dance, we managed to win every one of our matches in dodge ball, volleyball, Indian handball, and ultimate Frisbee in spite of the heavy rain bombarding us as we fought valiantly for the cup. By the end of the day we would have won every championship. We missed out on OA Jeopardy later in the afternoon, but arrived back in the camping area shouting victoriously, "Poppi, Poppi, Tweet Tweet Tweet. We're The Lodge That Can't Be Beat!!" Needless to say, the other lodges appeared shamed as we marched through their campsite cheering loudly, showing which lodge is truly "numero uno".

Everyone gathered in the main hall to congregate and hang out. Some Hungteetsepoppi guys learned how to operate the popcorn machine, and had a great time experimenting with how to make Kettle Corn with large amounts of artificial sweetener. They were just perfecting their formula when it was announced that section officer elections would take place in just a few minutes, and that all youth should go to a neighboring building to vote, as the youth were the only people who vote. Some new faces made their way into the positions this year, and were welcomed into their new duties officially later in the weekend. After the elections, we made our way back to the main building to get some grub. Dinner tasted even better knowing that we were the top dogs, and as one would expect we were loudly discussing the day's happenings and talking about patch trading, something many of the new Ordeal Members were not familiar with, and were eager to learn more about. Patch trading, however, would have to wait until after the evening show, which was based around Fun. It was definitely a ball for Hungteetsepoppi, when our mascot got up on stage to show everyone a few moves. There were a few attempts to un-stage The Bruce, but he pulled through and thwarted even the most ambitious of tormenters. This was obviously a symbolic message to all the other lodges that you just can't beat "numero uno". There was a slideshow of high adventure programs that are available through the OA, and everyone discussed potential trips and how much they would like to participate in these really great programs. All three bases looked like a lot of fun, Northern Tier Canoeing, the Florida Sea Base and Philmont Scout Ranch all provide challenges and rewards, and are all offered to arrowmen with great prices and opportunities. The Saturday evening show was really fun, and we got to show our Poppi-pride, and bask in the day's glory.

Everyone got up and went over to the cracker barrel after the show, but the night was far from over. Silent auctions for youth and adults were taking place, and many people had set up patch stations and were eager to start trading. The two guys running the popcorn machine took up their post and enjoyed making everyone delicious kettle corn until there were no more seeds left. It was a big hit. As time went by, everyone got their patches out and started wheeling and dealing. Everywhere you would go people would be haggling over deals and getting second and third opinions on how much such and such a patch was worth, and whether they were doing a good trade. Some went to bed early, exhausted by the rigorous competitions earlier in the day. Eventually even the die-hard traders grew sleepy and packed up their wares, happy with the trades they had done and the people they had met. There was no crazy rap music tonight. Everyone was sleeping like a log.

The next morning was greeted with bleary-eyed squints and icy stares as people slowly trickled into the main hall and got ready for breakfast. Hungteetsepoppi lodge, however, stayed back and met behind the teepee for lodge officer elections. We listened to all the candidates' give their speeches and words were said for some guys who couldn't be there to run. After all the elections, we had four great new officers. Kevin Clark as our new lodge Chief, and Jacob Andreas, Patrick Nolan and Andrew Harvey as the new lodge Vice Chiefs. As a group, we went off to breakfast, having to drag some exhausted members along with us. There was a generally subdued aura over the hall that morning, and with good reason. Yesterday was filled to the brim with excitement! There were people passed out on the tables and sleeping on friends' shoulders, but some were perky, excited and ready for the closing show and the announcement of the winning lodge. Finally the big moment came. We all took our seats and sat quietly until it came time for awards to be given. Once again we had Bruce the Tanager leading us in celebration, and we did a lot of it. Bringing home the Most Indian Lodge award, Spirit award and overall winning the Conclave was a great feeling, as well as winning all the sports and taking second in dance. There was a very emotional exchange of section officers, and everybody gave our new officers a big hand as they carried out the rest of the show.


Going home was on everybody's mind, but first, the teepee had to be taken down. Without and major mishap, the poles were placed on Mr. Faison's truck and the teepee itself was folded painstakingly and tied with a double knot. It was a great weekend, not only winning the Conclave for the third time in a row, but spending time with the guys who make our lodge what it is today. A big thank you needs to go out to Ted Zika, who did a really great job as lodge chief this past year, and the three vice chiefs who helped us train and prepare for this year's Conclave. They made it a great experience for everyone, especially the new Ordeal Members, and everyone really showed them what goes on in the OA and cemented their interest and involvement in the lodge. Thanks everyone for making the weekend incredible.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Tyko S-C


New Officers Elected

At the Conclave, Elections were held, and the 2005-2006 officers were elected. The new Chief will be Kevin C., with Vice Chief of Membership, Jacob A., Vice Chief of Activities, Patrick (Bruce) N., and Vice Chief of Communications and Finance, Andrew H. Their terms of office will begin at the Ordeal in the Fall, and extend to the following Ordeal in 2006. Don't forget to congratulate them when you see them.


Exciting news for Outdoor Adventurers!

The Piedmont Council will launch a new Co-ed High Adventure Crew to include all youths over the age of 14. Like a Troop, the Crew will meet 2x a month to discuss program and develop new skills. Trips and adventures will be determined by the Crew membership. The theme of the Crew is centered around outdoor adventures and could include: kayaking, mountaineering, orienteering course challenges, backpacking, snow camping, canoeing, mountain biking, technical rock climbing, extreme sport competition to name a few possibilities. Please express your interest by contacting the Council Office (510) 547-4493 and leaving your name, email or phone number.


The Lodge will hold it's "END OF YEAR" and "victory" meeting and BBQ at 6:30pm on Monday, June20th, 2005, at the Piedmont Community Center. All Arrowmen are invited and encouraged to attend. There is no cost (this means free food) for burgers, dogs, potato salad, desert, etc.

To celebrate the third Conclave win in a row, we will hold the BBQ at the BBQ area of behind the Piedmont Community Center. You will need to RSVP so we know how much food to buy no later than Friday, June 17th. Send an email to our Vice Chief of Communications and Finance, Jacob A, or Our Vice Chief of Activites, David M., or call them, and let him know you plan to attend. Scout uniforms and sash are required.

You will receive an email with additional information shortly.

Please plan on attending this total fun event!


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