Volume Five Number Two

April 2008 - June 2008

Piedmont Council, California

Words from the Chief

Our Chief...

Hello fellow Arrowmen,
I hope everyone had a lot of fun at Conclave. It was especially rewarding because we were the host lodge and that only happens once every seven years. It was cool to be on Coast Guard Island, an active military base. The Helicopter Search and Rescue demonstration was especially unique to our Conclave. This years Conclave had a record number of Arrowmen in attendance, close to 330.
Coming up in the next few days is the Annual Lodge Barbecue. Everyone needs to come because we are conducting Lodge elections at the Barbecue. If you are interested in running for a lodge office, please come prepared to give a short speech, about a minute long, on why you would like to serve as a Lodge officer. I hope you consider running for an office this year. It is a lot of fun.
Have a great summer!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Jim W.

Hungteetsepoppi Lodge
2008 Event Calendar

Lodge Spring BBQ and Meeting,
10 Muir Ave., Piedmont
June 22nd, 6:30pm

Shasta - Trinity National Part
July 12-19, 2008

Lodge Business Meeting
Piedmont Community Church Basement - 7:30pm
Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Hungteetsepoppi Fall Ordeal
October 3-5th
Camp Augusta

Lodge Sponsored Cub Overnight
Coyote Hills
October 18-19th

Philmont 2008
July 27- August 8, 2008

There are still a few slots left for the trip to Philmont this summer. Scoutmaster Mr. Harms would like you to know that you can still sign up for this summers trip.

W3A Conclave Recap

At Coast Guard Island

April 25th-27th, 2008

This year, Piedmont's Order of the Arrow Lodge, Hungteetsepoppi, had the honor of hosting the annual Section W3A Conclave at Coast Guard Island near Alameda.
Hungteetsepoppi is one of the eight local lodges of Section W3A, which stretches from Monterey Bay to Napa. Once a year, the eight local lodges gather for a weekend of training, competitions, shows, fellowship and fun, with typically over 300 members attending.

Since holding the Conclave at Coast Guard Island allowed us access to their facilities, some of the most memorable events were the tours of Cutters Sherman and Morgenthau, an eventful search and rescue demonstration with a helicopter, and a strike team demonstration.

32 Members from the host lodge, Hungteetsepoppi, attended and used their superiority at athletics to dominate many of the sporting events. This year, Hungteetsepoppi Lodge won the "Most Indian" lodge award while losing the main Conclave Award to Miwok.

In attendance at this Conclave were the 2008 National Vice-Chief Ben Stilwill, and 2007 National Chief Evan Chaffee. Also, Lodge Adviser Kevin Fischer will be assuming the roll as Associate Section Adviser.
The next time Hungteetsepoppi will host the conclave will be in 2015, so get ready for 7 years of dominating other lodges on their home turf!

10 Lodge Members to Attend ArrowCorps5

Shasta - Trinity National Forest
July 12-19th, 2008

Shasta - Trinity National Forest

So far, 10 lodge members have signed up to be part of ArrowCorps5 this summer! This should be one of the greatest OA service projects ever. There are still positions open to join the trip. What are you doing July 12-19th? There is still space available now!

One thousand Arrowmen will descend upon Redding, California for one week, beginning July 12, 2008, as the Order of the Arrow undertakes its largest service opportunity in Scouting history: ArrowCorps5.

Join our council contingent as we rededicate ourselves to the tenants of the Order: cheerful service. There are only a few hundred place left, so we will need to send in deposits as soon as possible. For more information, please contact Adviser Kevin Fischer.


In this Issue:

Words from the Chief

Conclave 2008 Recap

ArrowCorps5 Shasta-Trinity Trip in July

Lodge BBQ and Lodge Officer Elections

Did you know....

Upcoming Events:

Lodge Spring BBQ and Officer Elections
June 22nd
10 Muir Ave. Piedmont

July 12-19th
Shasta-Trinity National Forrest

Lodge Business Meeting
September 14th, 7:30pm
Piedmont Community Church Basement

Fall Ordeal Weekend
October 3-5th
Camp Augusta

Lodge Spring BBQ and Officer Elections, 2008

Officer Elections to be held at the Spring BBQ on June 22nd

This Sunday, the lodge will hold the Annual Spring Lodge BBQ, at 6:00pm. We will be meeting at 10 Muir Ave., Piedmont. The BBQ is free, but you need to RSVP to Will or Derek before Thursday.

We will be holding new officer elections at the BBQ, so please come, eat, swim, and vote!

Bring your swimsuits and appetites. Your uniform is not required.

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