Volume Ten Number Two

February 2013 - August 2013

Piedmont Council, California

Words from the Chief

Hello Brothers,

Looking forward to the next year, I'm proud to say I'll be acting as Chief for the lodge. Coming up we have the Poppifest-Ordeal, where we can look forward to initiating new members into the lodge, performing community service for Camp Augusta, and advancing Ordeal members to Brotherhood.
The first Section meeting has passed, and though it was a trial to maintain focus, we quickly completed our agenda and left an hour early. An entertaining definition of the OA was found on Urban Dictionary; look it up, search “Order of the Arrow hooded falcon.” I'm looking forward to a fun and more affordable Conclave later this year.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Brendan G.
2013-2014 Lodge Chief

Hungteetsepoppi Lodge
2013 Event Calendar

Lodge Business Meeting
August 25th, 2013
Sunday, 7:30pm
Piedmont Scout Basement

Webeloree Weekend
Gilespie Site, Tilden Park
September 7-8th, 2013

PoppiFest/Ordeal Weekend
Camp Augusta
October 4th-6th, 2013

Lodge Annual Banquet
November 3rd (10th), 2013
Gibson Center
Corpus Christi Church

Scout Tree Lot Setup
November 24th, 2013, 10:00am

Executive Committee Meeting and LLD Training
December 8th, 2013, 6:00pm
Piedmont Council Office

Scout Tree Lot Tear-down
December 22nd, 2013, 10:00am

Lodge Business Meeting
January 19th, 2014
Sunday, 7:30pm
Piedmont Scout Basement

Spring Lodge PoppiFest and Ordeal Camp Augusta
March 21-23rd, 2014

Section W3S Conclave
Camp McConnell
April 25-27th, 2014

Piedmont Council Camporee
May , 2014

Spring Lodge BBQ and Lodge Officers Elections
Joaquin Miller Park
6:00pm, June 8th, 2014

OA Backpacking 2014
Tentative July 27th - August 2nd, 2014

The OA Backpacking Trip

Emigrant Wilderness

The Lodge held its first annual backpacking trip into the Emigrant Wilderness this summer.

This year, four Scouters from the lodge attended and had an awesome trip. The weather was great, food was plentiful, vistas were spectacular, and the trail was kind.

With a different lake every day, the sights were spectacular.


Spring Ordeal and PoppiFest

March 15-17th 2013, Camp Augusta

Last March, 19 members of the lodge made the trek up to Camp Augusta for PoppiFest. We were blessed with great weather and fulfilling projects.

New member Braeden T., joined us for the Ordeal. Braeden did a great job and successfully completed his challenges. On Saturday, we labored building new tent cabin platforms for the camp staff. The platforms were designed for a 30 year life, and sported a faux wood platform made from a Trex-like material.

Henry sealed his membership and achieved the Brotherhood after the Ordeal cermony. After a great dinner, we all retired to the lodge for the traditional carnival, with lots of prizes.

On Sunday morning, we had a great breakfast, loaded into the cars, and headed back to Piedmont. Many thanks to all the members who came, gave their efforts to help the camp and participated in the events and ceremonies!

Lodge Cub Overnight 2013

April 12-13th 2013, Garin Park, Arroyo Flats Campground

In April, the lodge held a Cub Scout Overnight at Garin Park in Hayward. I hate to admit it, but Garin is a location I've never been to, but it proved to be a really great location for an overnight. Close to home, and easy to get to, we had a whole slug of lodge members come and help the cubs and adults to have a good time. Hikes, knots, and a great campfire, wth a great spaghetti dinner, made for a great time.

The lodge did a great time making a fun trip for the cubs and parents!

Spring BBQ and Officer Elections

June 2nd, 2013, Joaquin Miller Park

Sunday, June 9th. What a day to remember for the group of brothers in the Hungteetsepoppi Lodge. We held our spring BBQ and had lots of laughs and fun times with meeting new faces and catching up with others. We had a blessed day with fine weather and also a big table of food, how can that be a bad thing?
After eating, the youth ventured off to another site, and proceeded to elect new officers for the lodge. Congratulations to Chief Brendan, and Vice Chiefs Max, John and Sam. Everyone is looking forward to a fun an productive new scouting year.

Your new 2013 Lodge Officers!

And for some of the fellow brothers who have been with us for about a year were inducted into our Brotherhood, by going through the ceremony in which they took yet another look deeper into what the OA is all about. Though it was a short time to enjoy, we all had a great time with our family of brothers. Once we all took our picture and finished our food, we returned home hoping for the next BBQ to come soon, and to hopefully see new, young faces at the next ceremony.

A group picture from the 2013 PoppiFest.

Section W3S Conclave 2013

April 26-28th 2013, Cutter Scout Reservation

The a few brave adults made the trek to the Conclave at Camp Cutter. As opposed previous events at Cutter, this year we had incredible weather, good events, great food, and the most incrdible shows that we have seen in years. Sorry none of the youth made it, as it was a lot of fun... New Section W3S officers were elected, and we all headed out after the great weekend!

Sunday's Scout's Own service


In this Issue:

Words from the Chief

Spring Ordeal and PoppiFest

Cub Overnight at Garin Park

Spring BBQ and Officer Elections

Lodge Backpacking Trip

NOAC 2015

Did you know....

Upcoming Events:

Lodge Business Meeting
August 25th, 7:30pm, Church Basement

Piedmont Council Webeloree
September 7-8th, Tilden Park, Gilespie

Fall PoppiFest and Ordeal Weekend
October 4-6th, 2013
Camp Augusta

Lodge Fall Banquet
November 3rd, 7pm
Gibson Center - Corpus Christi

Lodge LLD Training and Exec Meeting
December 1st / 8th, 6pm, Scout Office

Did you know....

The OA will celebrate it's 100th anniversary in 2015? The National Council has a huge Centennial program planned, at Michigan State University.

BTW, NOAC 2015 will be a huge event that should not be missed!

Centennial Challenge

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow, we're planning to host the biggest, fun-filled, most exciting National Order of the Arrow Conference in history. We want as many Arrowmen as possible to have the chance to hang out with 10,000 of their closest friends, which is why the Order is launching the Centennial Challenge! To learn more about the challenge, click here.

Legacy Project 2015

The 100th Anniversary Committee is very excited about the roll-out of Legacy Project 2015 introduced at NOAC 2012. To get more information on the celebration of the OA's 100th Anniversary, click here.

Special Edition Sash

At the December 2012 annual planning meeting the national committee voted to give Arrowmen attending the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference a once in a lifetime souvenir. All Arrowmen at the conference will receive a special edition red sash to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Order. To learn more, click here.

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