September 2004 OA Newsletter!


Dear Fellow Arrowmen,

Ah, September. One of my favorite months. School starts, sports start, summer wanes on Autumn's bosom, and everybody slowly gets back into the swing of things. But wait! September holds one shining gem above them all. The Ordeal! I recall many autumns ago when I attended my first Ordeal. I remember everything, the costumes, the tiki torches, the hard work, the irksome tasks, the weighty responsibilities, the smudge pots, the ceremonies, the arrows, the food... Everything was perfect! The Ordeal this year can achieve the same perfection if we all attend!

Fellow Arrowmen, we need to get as many current members to register as possible. There are large numbers of new members attending and we hope to get existing Ordeal members into Brotherhood, but this will not happen without current members in attendance! The ceremonies, food, transportation, and tipi teams are working hard so all you need to do is show up!

Keep in mind...Teddy, J.P., David, and Jacob being initiated at the Ordeal and I know we will have a great year with their leadership. In the future we also can look forward to the lodge dinner, our second annual PoppiFest, and the Conclave. Remember, with your help and attendance we can have an exciting year and win the conclave . . . AGAIN ! ! !

Yours in Brotherhood,
Ian Faison
Ian Faison Lodge Chief


Dear fellow Arrowmen

I hope you all had a really good summer. I know the NOAC contingent did. In case you didn't hear our Lodge had an awesome time in Iowa. We had a lot of fun meeting other Arrowmen, going to training, dominating in sports, and of course patch trading.
Believe it or not things are already starting to happen in the lodge.
It is Ordeal time again. Hopefully you received a letter in the mail about the ordeal. The ordeal is going to be huge so we will need everyone's help on it. More importantly the ordeal is going to be a lot of fun so SHOW UP! We have an exciting and fun year planned for the lodge. The lodge dinner is cooking up to be one of the best ever. PoppiFest is going to be even better then last years. The conclave is of course ours for the winning. The best way to have all this fun is to SHOW UP!

Yours in Brotherhood
Ted Zika





On Sunday, September 12th, at 7:30pm in the Church Basement, the Lodge will hold the pre-Ordeal business meeting for the fall of 2004. This is a very important meeting, and the following topics will be discussed:

* Final preparations for the Ordeal will be completed
* Planning for the Fall Lodge Dinner
* Service Project for the Piedmont Community Church planning.
* New Lodge Patches are available for sale
* Committee Reports
* Business from the floor

This is an important meeting, so please plan on being there and supporting the Lodge! Don't forget to wear your sash and beads.


On the first weekend of October, the Lodge will hold it's annual Fall Ordeal at Camp Augusta. We have almost 30 new candidates for the OA, so we will need all the current Lodge members to attend this induction and service weekend. The participation of everyone is very important, and directly contributes to the success of the Ordeal and the inclusion of the new members.

All current Lodge members should have received their reservation forms. If you are an Ordeal Member, and want to seal your membership by becoming a Brotherhood Member, you should have received a special Brotherhood sign-up sheet. Please fill it out and turn it in ASAP, and read up on the requirements for Brotherhood in your OA Handbook. Regular members can download the Member sign-up sheet.

Current Brotherhood and Vigil members should also sigh up for the Ordeal and support your brothers and the new candidates.

The Sign-up forms are due into the Council Office no later than Thursday, September 16th.


Classes, Patches, and sports, that's what greeted Hungteetsepoppi Lodge at this summer's National Order of the Arrow Conference in Ames, Iowa at Iowa State University. Our group of 10 youth and 4 adults had a blast right away, having attended the Trade-o-ree before Conference, where we were the service lodge. Since we were the service lodge we were able to stay at the nearby Holiday Inn for no charge, but we had to fit all our youth into one room, which was quite a spectacle to watch. At the Trade-o-ree our guys were able to wheel and deal and come to the University ready with a bunch of patches to continue to trade. They were eager to get to the end of the day when the patch trading was unleashed. First, however, they had to take classes in the morning, ranging from things like "Teepee Life and Etiquette" to scuba diving.





We learned many valuable things from these classes and everyone is hoping to use our knowledge to better the lodge. One of the things we are hoping to accomplish is to make dance regalia for our newly formed dance team. After the classes we had lunch in the cafeteria, where they served excellent food. Each meal was complex and delicious. After lunch it was time for a quick change at the dorm rooms we stayed in and then off to the gym for our sports competitions. We signed up for all the sporting events, which were basketball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and flag football, and kickball. Due to conflicts of time we limited it to just basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and kickball. We made it to the quarter finals in all the events, but the final competitions were all at the same time, so again we limited it to just basketball. We passed the quarterfinals, we passed the semifinals, and we made it to the championship game. However, in a three-point loss we came away with second, but this was still a huge surprise and accomplishment for us. Now there was some down time, we had dinner, and then it was show time.




Almost each night they put on a show that had skits, awards, music, and highlights of the day. Our own Stephen Renner was asked to do a comedic short film segment introducing and ending the highlights, which made going to the shows something to look forward to. After the shows there was a couple of hours of patch trading. As the older guys walked around, the younger guys set up their own table and let the trades come to them, after only having started patch trading that week. After patch trading it was lights out to wait for the next morning's surprises and excitement. The days came and went and soon it was time to go back home. Those going separate ways said their good buys, and we left Iowa and its cornfields until a different NOAC calls us back.

By, Stephen Renner








SPECIAL NOTE: There are a limited number of NOAC 2004 patch sets available to Lodge members. We have allocated 1 set per member, which will be available at the September Lodge meeting. All remaining patch sets will be sold on a first come-first serve basis at the Ordeal Weekend.


They are finally in and available! The new Hungteetsepoppi Lodge flaps are now available for purchase. As always, the flaps are available at Lodge Events only (assuming full perticipation at the event), and only two may be purchased at each event.

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