September 2005



Dear Lodge Members

It has been an honor serving as your Chief for the past year. It was one of the most successful years in lodge history. As you know we dominated the conclave, had a great PoppiFest, and an excellent Ordeal.

That was last year. This year we will do even better. The Ordeal is coming up in mid-October so remember to turn in your forms. We have a lot of candidates so we will need help. The Ordeal should be a lot of fun so sign up now!

I have a lot of faith that are new officers will lead us to the greatest year ever!

Ted Zika
Lodge Chief



The Fall Ordeal will be held at Camp Augusta on the weekend of October 14-16th. As you know, this is our primary induction and service weekend for the year. Please put this date on your calendar, and plan to attend. Reservation forms have been mailed out, and are due back in the Council Office on September 30th, so please don't delay signing up.

We need your help and participation at the Ordeal, so please plan on attending!!! Spare reservation forms are here....



Hungteetsepoppi made a great showing at the 2005 Jamboree. With many representatives, they were able to help spread the message of Lodge 466, mainly that our lodge flaps are really valuable. The Jamboree was kicked-off by Piedmont Council with tours of Boston, New York, and Gettysburg. After a few days of seeing some of what the East Coast has to offer the group traveled by bus to Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, and were greeted by Black Hawk helicopters and Humvees. The Order of the Arrow made a large effort to be a part of the Jamboree by sponsoring many events such as the Disabilities Awareness area, and by hosting the day show 12 Cubed. The lodge members spent much of the time collecting merit badges, meeting new people, and trading patches. Nearly all of the lodge members present at the Jamboree attended the Western Region meeting in the middle of the week and paid respect to the fallen members of the Western Alaska troop. But everyone kept their spirits up despite the heat, and poor organization at times to make it a fun experience for everyone involved. Jamboree cricket at night, a game made up by the boys from Piedmont Council, helped cool everyone down and provided for a relaxing end to a long days events. The almost nightly thunder storms were fascinating for a group of Bay Area kids who seldom see weather such as that in the middle of summer. As the Jambo came to a close the adventures were not yet over. The Jamboree was capped off by three days of touring in Washington D.C. and a chance to visit the Nation's capital. It was a relaxing and exciting trip that the members of Hungteetsepoppi Lodge 466 won't soon forget.

By Stephen R.


Dear Arrowmen,

I am really excited about becoming the new Lodge Chief of our great lodge. This is something I have been wanting to do for along time. I am ecstatic about my other officers who I get to work with. After working very close with Ted Zika, he has taught me many things of how to run the lodge. I think our lodge is going to have another great year and hopefully we will take Conclave for the 4th time in a row. I am also really excited for the upcoming Ordeal. It looks like we are going to have a lot of new ordeal members and a ton of lodge members to this ordeal. We are going to have a great year ahead of us.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Kevin Clark



Hungteetsepoppi's Annual Banquet is coming up again! The Banquet is one of our best-attended events, with special speakers, guests from the Section, and (of course) food! The Lodge Banquet is a great chance to catch up with other lodge members, hear what's going on in Hungteetsepoppi and eat some of our famous ribs.

Sign ups will be going out shortly after Ordeal - don't forget to send them back quickly. We look forward to seeing you all again.


Jacob A.



The Tipi is doing well, in my garage, and the poles and the TIKI Torches are in my garden shed. But Oops, the Ordeal is on the weekend of 15 October, and I will be at West Point New York, for Parent/Plebe Weekend with past Lodge Chief Ian Faison who is a Cadet Private Ian Faison, (who would like a letter, at PO Box 0971, USMA, West Point, NY,10997) Thus, I will need your cooperation and cheerful service in loading up the Tipi (TeePee) poles on my suburban early in the week of October 10th, so I can drive them up to Camp Augusta, dropping them off on the 13th, and then picking them up on the 17th of October when I return. I can either leave the suburban there, and lodge members could load it up, or...someone could drive it up and back. In any event, I need lodge members to put the poles on the roof rack on the 10th, 11th, or 12th, at my house. Please phone my cell phone at (510) 912-6701, should you have room after school those weeks to load, unload, or an adult to drive the suburban to Camp Augusta.

YIB, Big Jim Faison


The 466 Dance Team just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Spanning from Oakland to Carson City, Nevada (No, we haven't forgotten you yet, Tyko) we are up to 12 members who signed up at the last lodge meeting - 6 times bigger than before! Conclave is going to be really close this year - the one area we have the most room for improvement is at the PowWow. We're much closer to realizing our dream of an active Dance Team - now we just need people to get out and dance!

Achewon Nimat, the lodge we love to hate around Conclave time, continues to extend an open invitation to their dance practices. Despite our rivalries, they are very warm and supportive of our new team and are happy to help us out with regalia, singing, and dance style itself. Ache holds dance practices every 2nd Saturday of the month. We'll be trying to get a big group of guys down there once in a while, but any time you want to go on your own contact Derik Dragon at (415) 584-9836.

I am pleased to announce that Dr.. Art Siu has joined as the Adviser to the Dance Team. His only experience so far is with African dance, but he's got some good connections and is very interested in helping us make this happen.

Last year was the first year we had real regalia at the Conclave - we need to keep this momentum going. I know how busy everyone is and will try to schedule practice times that work for the whole team. If you signed up for the dance team at the last lodge meeting (you know who you are) or are interested in joining the team now, let me know when you're free - Jacob

The lodge hasn't had a dance team for a really long time, and there's more interest now than ever before. This is the start of something big - your chance to make history for Lodge 466!


New Officers Elected at Conclave

At the Conclave, Elections were held, and the 2005-2006 officers were elected. The new Chief will be Kevin C., with Vice Chief of Membership, Jacob A., Vice Chief of Activities, Patrick (Bruce) N., and Vice Chief of Communications and Finance, Andrew H. Their terms of office will begin at the Ordeal in the Fall, and extend to the following Ordeal in 2006.


The Fall is the time of year that we collect the dues for the Lodge. If you are planning to attend the Ordeal on October 14-16, your dues are built into the fee for the Ordeal. If you can't attend the Ordeal, please feel free to send a check to the Lodge for $10, which will cover your dues until the Fall of 2006.


Why has the Lodge dues increased from $8 to $10? Well, our costs have gone up. The fees we pay the National OA, are going up this Fall. Also, we are paying more for printing, (mailings, Planbook, etc.) and we are mailing more information out. We hate to do it, but we need to. Please make your check out to Hungteetsepoppi 466, and mail it to the Piedmont Council Office, 10 Highland Way, Piedmont, CA 94611. Thanks!


Piedmont Council 2006 Philmont Trip

JULY 23 - AUGUST 4, 2006

Piedmont Council and Scoutmaster Rich Harms are looking for 20 Scouts to take part in this consummate Scouting experience.

Philmont Scout Ranch, set in the mountains and mesas of northern New Mexico is 137,493 acres in size with elevations from 6, 000' to 12,441'. Deer, elk, mountain lion, bear, bobcat, buffalo and antelope can be seen within its' forested mountains and grassy plains from the 330 miles of horse and hiking trails. Philmont is a working cattle ranch where over 250 head of Hereford cattle graze in its' pastures. One hundred burros and 300 saddle horses are maintained for summer packing and riding. Some say "Philmont is to Scouting as Everest is to mountaineering."

The twelve-day backpacking expedition (plus two travel days) will consist of mountain climbing, technical rock climbing, archaeological excavation techniques and blacksmithing, as the Scouts travel from backcountry camp to camp. Scouts will have an opportunity to ride western saddle horses and pan for gold.

Boys must be in top physical condition, have completed the eighth grade and must be at least 13 years of age by July 20, 2006. They must be prepared to hike 70-100 miles on trails climbing to high elevations.

The cost per Scout will be $520 (plus transportation fees which are estimated at $425 and spending money). A first payment of $300/Scout and application form is due to the Piedmont Council office NO LATER than September 23, 2005 (Contact the Council office now...). The second and final payment is due by February 15, 2006.

All applicants will be interviewed and their Scoutmaster consulted as to their maturity and stamina for the rigorous trip. Final decisions will be made by Mr. Rich Harms and three other ASMs. The Application form is here. A Flyer on Philmont is here.



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