Volume Four Number Three

July 2007 - September 2007

Piedmont Council, California

Words from the Chief

Our Chief...

Dear Arrowmen,

I hope everybody had a great summer. I am really looking forward to being the lodge chief this year. A great group of members join me in the Vice Chief positions: Derek DeR., Memberhip; John W., Ceremonies and Will C., Communications.
We have a full year ahead of us beginning with inducting a large group of new members at this fall’s Ordeal.
I am excited to be able to be the lodge chief of such a superior lodge. This year, with everybody’s help, we can host and win Conclave. We are a very small lodge but we can still host the BEST Conclave out of any of the other lodges. To make this happen, we need all lodge members to show up and participate!
I can see that we have a great year ahead of us.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Jim W.

Hungteetsepoppi Lodge
2007-8 Event Calendar

Lodge Bussiness Meeting
September 16th

Hungteetsepoppi Fall Ordeal
October 19-21st
Camp Augusta

Lodge Sponsored Cub Overnight
Coyote Hills
November 10-11th

Lodge Fall Banquet
Corpus Christi School Aud.
November 11th

Scouting for Food, 2nd Pickup
Tree Lot Setup Service Projects
November 17th

Tree Lot Teardown Service
December 29th


Lodge Bussiness Meeting
January 27th, 2008

5th Anual PoppiFest
March ??, 2008

Lodge Bussiness Meeting
April 13th

Section W3A Conclave
April 25-27th
Coast Guard Island

Lodge Summer BBQ and Meeting, Juaquin Miller Park
June 22nd, 6:30pm

Shasta - Trinity National Part
July 12-19, 2008


Lodge Meeting

Sunday, September 16th, 7:30pm
Piedmont Community Church Basement

On Sunday September 16th, we will be having a Hungteetsepoppi Lodge Meeting at the Council Office at 7:30 to talk plan the Fall Ordeal, the Cub Scout Coyote Hills Overnight, Fall Banquet and more. We hope you will join us for this important meeting!

Ordeal 2007

Camp Augusta, October 19-21st

Hey everyone, the Fall Ordeal is coming up! It will be October 5-7 at Camp Augusta. It is a fun weekend where we will be initiating our new members into our lodge. Everyone gets there friday night to watch the first step of the Ordeal. The next morning we are up early for a delicious breakfast made by the adults, and get to clean up the camp. Past projects have been chopping down Manzanita Trees, building a fence, and covering an exposed pipe in the road. It is a great opportunity to see the new Ordeal members, and to bond with fellow brothers. In the evening, the brotherhood and ordeal ceremonies are completed, and we have a feast. Hosted by our fantastic adults is a feast to rival Lodge Banquet Night! We all leave satisfied by good food and hard work. I expect to see you all there.

-Liam Z.

Lodge Fall Banquet

Sunday, November 11th, 6:00pm
Corpus Christi Church Auditorium

If it's Fall, it's time for lots of lodge events, including the Fall Banquet. This is a fun lodge event, with great food, entertainment, a guest speaker, awards, and more. It is a chance to all arrowmen to join together for a night of fun, food, and fellowship.

The cost for the dinner is very low at only $7.00, which is a bargain for this level of event. If you plan on coming, we need to receive your reservation by no later than Friday, November 2nd. If we don't have your reservation, we won't know to have food for you, so you must sign up to attend.

We've posted a dinner reservation form on the lodge website (http://www.oa466.org), which you should fill out and mail to the Council Office. Instructions are listed on the form. If you did not attend the Ordeal, and you haven't already paid your 2008 dues, there are instruction on the form about sending those in as well.

See you at the dinner!

New Lodge Officers

A new set of Lodge Officers were elected at the Sprin BBQ by members of the Hungteetsepoppi Lodge. The four new officers are Lodge Chief Jimmy W., Vice Chief of Ceremonies, John W., Vice Chief of Activities, Derek DeR. and Vice Chief of Communications and Finance, Will C. Congratulations new Officers!


Shasta - Trinity National Forest
July 12-19th, 2008

What is ArrowCorps Five?

The Order of the Arrow has had a long-standing interest in coordinating a national service project, utilizing the infrastructure and leadership established over many years of success at the Boy Scouts of America's high adventure bases. Working closely together, the United States Forest Service and the OA have chosen five project sites, spread across America, that will be the focus of our combined efforts. ArrowCorps5 (pronounced Arrow Corps Five) will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for each participant to set an example of leadership in service to those who treasure our national forests.

Five thousand physically fit and able volunteers, made up of youth and adults, will participate. The national Order of the Arrow committee and key sponsors will fund the projects. Participants will pay a reasonable fee to help pay for accommodations, meals, and a full day of recreational activities during the projects.

Hungteetsepoppi lodge will be sending a contingent to the Shasta Trinity National Forest location for ArrowCorps5. we will be having more information on this event over the next few months, so plase stay tuned! for more informations, visit the OA event site here.

Fall Service Projects

This fall, the lodge will once again participate in a number of Service Projects. Besides the Cub Overnight, we will participate in the Scouting for Food Second Pick-up, The Tree Lot Set-up, and the Tree Lot Tear Down.

Pleaese plan on joining us. We are the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service!


In this Issue:

Words from the Chief

Fall Ordeal 2007

OA-Cub Overnight to Coyote Hills

2007 Fall Banquet

2007-8 Lodge Officers

ArrowCorps5 Contingent

Fall Service Projects

Did you know....

Upcoming Events:

Lodge Meeting
September 16th, 7:30pm

Fall Ordeal Weekend
October 19-21st
Camp Augusta

OA Hosted Cub Overnight
November 10-11th
Coyote Hills Reg. Park

Lodge Fall Banquet
November 11th
Corpus Christi School Auditorium

Cub Overnight 2007

November 10-11th

Over the weekend of November 10th and 11th, we will be hosting the Cub Scout overnight at Coyote Hills. This is a great opportunity to meet some of our "up and coming" Boy Scouts and have a great time. Last year, a number of arrowmen went up on Saturday to teach the cubs some basic scout skills. They cubs were led on a hike by the bay, and learned various knots and a little first aid. After dinner, the older arrowmen brought the cubs up on top of a hill to talk about their experiences with scouting, and tell some ghost stories.
Then next morning, the cubs learned some more basic knots, and had breakfast. After scout skills they played a game of football in the meadow, and then everyone went home satisfied.
For more information on the cub scout overnight go to the Hungteesepoppi website, www.oa466.org

-Liam Z.

Did you know....
that the last time the Conclave was held at Coast Guard Island was 2001? That year, Hungteetsepoppi and Kaweah hosted the Conclave.

The patch shown above was from the Conlave at Coast Guard Island in 1989. In 2008, Hungteetsepoppi and Kaweah will host the Conclave again, and again it will be at Coast Guard Island. The island is a great place to hold a Conclave. Not only are the Facilities great, but it's close to home!

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