Volume Nine Number One

June 2012 - October 2012

Piedmont Council, California

Words from the Outgoing Chief

To my Brothers,
This last year was a good one, and I am proud of all of you. Going to NOAC over the summer was a wonderful experience that can only be described as magical. We served along side each other in cheerful service. I want to thank my vice chiefs Kyler, Ryan, and Forrest for doing a fantastic job as well as all our brothers for their dedication to our order. Throughout my experience as chief this past year, I saw not only the growth of my brothers but also my own growth, which I could never have imagined last summer when I was elected. I also had loads fun, and made a lot of good friends.

I know Evans will do a stellar job, along with his new vice chiefs this year. So with that I hope our brotherhood continues to grow and prosper!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Blaise C.
Lodge Chief 2011-12

Words from the Incoming Chief

Hello Brothers,

As the summer comes to an end, our lodge looks forward to another a great year of fun and cheerful service. To recap the lodge's summer, seven of your fellow brothers and I attended the 2012 NOAC at Michigan State University. We had a blast with eight thousand other order members during a week of intense mascot racing (huge shout-out to Brendan Gerrity), patch trading, big budget shows, and much more. During this coming year, Conclave in April at Cutter Scout Reserve will be a highlight. I hope to see many of you at this years Ordeal-PoppiFest. I am excited to make the Ordeal a success and increase the number of scouts in our brotherhood. I will enjoy serving you as lodge chief and look forward to making this year spectacular.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Evans H.
2012-2013 Lodge Chief

Hungteetsepoppi Lodge
2012-2013 Event Calendar

Lodge Annual Banquet
November 11th, 2012
Gibson Center
Corpus Christi Church

Western Region NLS- NLATS
Coast Guard Island, Alameda
November 9-11th, 2012

Scout Tree Lot Setup
November 18th, 2012, 9:00am

Executive Committee Meeting and LLD Training
December 9th, 2012, 6:00pm
Piedmont Council Office

Scout Tree Lot Tear-down
December 22nd, 2012, 9:00am

Lodge Business Meeting
January 20th, 2013
Sunday, 7:30pm
Piedmont Scout Basement

Spring Lodge PoppiFest and Ordeal Camp Augusta
March 15th-17th, 2013

Section W3S Conclave
Cutter Scout Reservation
April 26-28th, 2013

Piedmont Council Camporee
Hawk Ridge / Lookout Ridge
May 10-12th, 2013

Spring Lodge BBQ and Lodge Officers Elections
Joaquin Miller Park
6:00pm, June 2nd, 2013

OA Backpacking 2013
Emmigrant Wilderness
Tentative August 4th-10th, 2013

Lodge Business Meeting
August 25th, 2013
Sunday, 7:30pm
Piedmont Scout Basement

PoppiFest/Ordeal Weekend
Camp Augusta
October 4th-6th, 2013


Lodge BBQ & Officer Elections 2012

June 2012, Joaquin Miller Park

On Sunday, June 23rd, Hungteetsepoppi had its annual BBQ and officer elections. At Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland Hills, everyone celebrated the end of the year with good food.

Members talked amongst themselves, conversing about earlier Hungteetsepoppi events and summer plans. Hot dogs were served and everyone enjoyed the plentiful food. Indy Nelson, former Section Chief, made a visit, as he has at previous BBQ's.

After dinner, elections were held. Lively speeches were delivered by the candidates, and in the case of Carson, his brother Kyler filled in for him. After making several tough decisions, Carson S. was elected Vice Chief of Administration, Teddy M. to Vice Chief of Ceremonies, Brendan G. as Vice Chief of Communications and Finance, and Evans H. was selected to be our Chief.

For several Scouts, this was there last (or close to last) Hungteetsepoppi event as they move on to college. I wish them luck as they leave us, and hope they might visit.


Fall Webeloree Breakfast

Its that time of year again! The Fall webeloree was upon us the weekend of September 8-9th, at Tilden Park.

Several youth lodge members attended with Troop 6 on Saturday to help with the Webelos program, including Teddy and Omar.

On Sunday, a rag-tag group of lodge adults converged on Gillespie to cook the traditional Sunday breakfast for the boys and parents attending.
When asked about what Mr. Rivera wanted to serve for breakfast, the response I received sent chills down my back. Oatmeal? Do you really think that Oatmeal is an appropriate breakfast for starving young Webelos? I couldn't bring myself to serve just Oatmeal to the laddies, so we went with everyones favorite, French toast. Same thing we did in past years. For Reuben's sake, we actually did serve up a few servings of Oatmeal, but the boys and adults requesting it were mere Zombies, out for their morning punishment. The leftover was used as mortar to build a new brick bathroom structure, which will likely outlast all of us.
In all reality, the breakfast was fun, and the sturdy crew of lodge adults along with Jake P., flew through preparation and cleanup, and we gone before 10am. Many thanks to all of the members who served their fellows at Tilden!
---By Kevin Fischer

Fall Ordeal and PoppiFest

On October 19th through the 21st was our Fall Ordeal at Camp Augusta. On the first night of the Ordeal the candidates made the arrows and spent the night outside. The ceremony team did really well and the first night went very smoothly. The sky was nice and clear and there was no rain to ruin the evening.

The second day the candidates worked for their second requirement for the OA. One of the projects was clearing a garden and ripping up the soil for more grass in a different area.
The second project was building platforms for new sheds and cabins for the campers. The third project was to clear out a small plot of land and cut all the trees in the area down to make room. During the entire day the kids were having fun and to my knowledge no one got seriously hurt on the trip.

Later that Night we had a final ceremony for the candidates and afterwards we celebrated with food and games. The games were spectacular and the food was great. After the games and food we had a raffle and won many prizes. The ultimate prize was a 32gb i-Pod touch with a case, headphone, and charger.

The third and final day was a sad day. We all woke up from our nice cabins and we came together for some pictures. Afterwards we all went to the mess hall and ate breakfast. After everyone finished eating, we all packed up and drove home to our warm and comfortable beds and to our hot steamy showers.

Submitted by Carson


In this Issue:

Words from the Chiefs

Lodge BBQ and Officer Elections

Fall Webeloree Breakfast

Lodge Fall Ordeal

Did you know....

Upcoming Events:

Lodge Banquet
November 11th, 2012
Gibson Center, Corpus Christi Church

Tree Lot Set-up
November 18th, 8:00am
Coaches Field

Lodge Exec Meeting
December 9th, 6:00pm, Scout Office

Tree Lot Tear-Down
December 23rd, 8:00am
Coaches Field

Lodge Business Meeting
January 20th, 2013, 7:30pm, Scout Basement

Spring PoppiFest and Ordeal Weekend
March 15-17th, 2013
Camp Augusta

Did you know....

The OA will celebrate it's 100th anniversary in 2015? The National Council has a huge Centennial program planned, and part of it involves the Centennial Crate. The crate was delivered to lodges at NOAC 2012, and the program incudes the creation of the Brotherhood Fireplace with stones from every lodge engraved with the lodge name and totem, council and state. Another part of the program involves the creation of a Lodge History book. In this book, the lodge can create a history of their lodge for all to see and enjoy. Our lodge is planning to build this history using a photobook technique so multiple copies can be made and easily distributed.

Another part of the crate involves filling the crate with wood for the Brotherhood bonfire at the 2015 NOAC, and the slide-on lid of the crate as a canvas to present the lodge totem in a standard format for all lodges.
Do you want to be part of the Centennial Program? If so, talk to Evans or Kevin about helping out!

BTW, NOAC 2015 will be a huge event that should not be missed!

OA 2013 Jamboree Staff Update

Next summer, at the National Jamboree, the OA is seeking staff for the Service Corp., OA Trek Guides and "Day of Service" OA Crew Leaders. There are still slots available (650 total), and are searching for YOUTH staff (16 yrs or older). The requirements for staff are the following:

All applicants must:

>> Have a current BSA membership.
>> Completed Youth Protection Training within one year of the first day of the jamboree.
>> Be able to arrive on site at the jamboree up to but not limited to one week before the jamboree as deemed necessary by the service director of the area selected to serve in to receive training and assist in the final preparations for troop arrivals.
>> Be at least 16 years of age by the first day of the jamboree.
>> Submit all registration fees per the published payment schedule.
>> Complete any jamboree-specific training as deemed necessary by the service director of the area selected to serve in.
>> File a Personal Health and Medical Record as instructed by the deadline.
>> Meet the medical and BMI (Body Mass Index) requirements.

For information and to sign-up, visit this link:

Summit Staff

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions regarding the content of this newsletter, please contact us. Send an email to adviser@OA466.org.