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November 2004 Newsletter!


Fellow Arrowmen

We just put on a really great ordeal!  On October 1st the lodge went up to Camp Augusta for the Annual Fall Ordeal.  We had all 17 candidates complete the Ordeal and are now official arrowmen.  We also had 16 Ordeal members obtain their Brotherhood.  The food was excellent and our thanks go out to Ned Bogie and his crew. Congratulations to all on an outstanding Ordeal!

On November 14, we will be having our Lodge Annual Dinner.  It will be an incredibly fun time.  We will have a NOAC/Ordeal slideshow, the new Planbooks will be available, visits from Section Officers, and much more!  Don't miss it!

We are currently having a "Newsletter Naming Contest".  The name can be anything (scouting appropriate) so be creative.  The person who submits the winning name will receive an Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil patch!

If you want to submit a name then e-mail me at

Keep up the great work!

Ted Zika



On Sunday, November 14th, the Lodge will hold it's Annual Lodge Banquet! The Dinner will be held, once again, at Corpus Christi School Auditorium, and should be another great event.  Last year, we had over 50 members attend, so this year, we're going to try for 60!

(A picture from the 2003 Dinner)

New Lodge members (those inducted at the Ordeal in October) are invited to attend the dinner free of charge. Regular members have to pay the going rate of $8.00 for dinner. The dinner will have excellent food and entertainment. We will have the formal installation of the new officers, a NOAC slide show, and more. Social hour begins at 5:30pm, and the dinner is at 6:30pm.  Reservations are required, so you will need to fill out the reservation form you were mailed, or get it on-line.  Reservations must be received by November 8th. at the Scout Office.  See you then!



In keeping with our commitment to service, the Lodge will be performing 4 service projects over the next two months.

November 20th, Scouting For Food

On Saturday, November 20th, Lodge members are needed to help with the Scouting For Food drive.  We need a few OA members to man the food drop off location in the morning, and in the afternoon, we need several adult drivers and arrowmen to drive the streets of Piedmont looking for sacks of food that were put out too late, or were missed by the scouts picking up in the morning.

If you can help, please let Ted know (

November 20th, Tree Lot Set-up

Also on Saturday, November 20th, we need lots of OA adults and youth members to help with the Tree Lot Set-up.  There are always a lot of jobs to do, and you won't need to spend the whole day.  Arrowmen are needed for the morning and afternoon, or as long as your schedule will allow.

If you can help, please let Ted know (

NOVEMBER 27th, Bench Replacement at the Piedmont Community Church

In the courtyard outside the Council Office, the Piedmont Community Church has a bench that has rotted out and become a danger.  The lodge has volunteered to replace this bench for the church as part of our community service.  Do you like working with wood and power tools?  Then you are the person we want.  This job should only take a few hours.

If you can help, please contact Kevin Fischer (

December 26, Tree Lot Tear down

On Sunday, December 26th, we need lots of OA adults and youth members to help with the Tree Lot Tear-down.  There are always a lot of jobs to do, and you won't need to spend the whole day.  Arrowmen are needed for the morning and afternoon, or as long as your schedule will allow.

If you can help, please contact Kevin Fischer (



The new 2004 Ordeal Members!


This year's ordeal was a huge success. After months of careful planning by officers Ian Faison, Tommi Carson, Ted Zika, and Stephen Renner, everything went off smoothly and all who attended had a great time. The Ordeal took place at Camp Augusta on October 1st through 3rd and focused on inducting new members into the Order of the Arrow and helping out Camp Augusta with several service projects. Highlights of the service included demolishing a shed at the waterfront and moving a huge amount of wood from a campsite on a hill to the stables. We were very pleased with the turnout ­ one of our largest in years. 17 new members received Ordeal membership while another 15 became full Brotherhood members.


The 2004 Brotherhood conversions, but a few are missing.


All this was carried out by the skilled ceremonies teams under the direction of Tommi Carson and David Molmen. Other parts were played by Andrew Harvey, Tommy Watson, Kevin Clark, Jacob Andreas, Ted Zika, Stephen Renner, and J.P. Spragia-Zoricic. To celebrate the arrival of our new members at the end of the Ordeal, everyone was treated to a huge feast cooked by Ned Bogie and his kitchen staff. After the new members got to spend a restful night on real mattresses, they got up the next morning to attend their first official lodge meeting. We welcomed them into the lodge, discussed plans for the lodge dinner, and swore in our new team of officers for the coming year. We are happy to have Ted Zika as the new lodge chief, Jacob Andreas as vice-chief of Communications and Finance, J.P. Sbragia-Zoricic as vice-chief of Membership, and David Molmen as vice-chief of Activities and Ceremonies. We are pleased to have had such a great turnout and hope to see everyone at the lodge dinner.

By Jacob Andreas
Vice Chief, Communications and


Our lodge newsletter has been going for a few years without a name, so it's time to come up with a fitting name for it!

Long ago, it was called the "Charred Blanket", which referenced the tragic consequences of communicating with smoke signals.  Do you have a better idea?  Let us know!

The person who submits the winning name will receive an Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil patch!

If you want to submit a name then please email Ted Zika at  Final decisions will be made by the dinner, so we need to have your suggestion by no later than November 11th.  Don't delay!  Put those creative juices to work.


Well it's that time of year again!  Time to update our records and let everyone pay their dues for the next year.

Since we want everyone to be able to receive the mailings, both email and Post Office, we are constantly updating our records.  Plus, this is the time of year we need to recharter with National and pay our registration fees to the BSA.

Could you please take a minute and let us know if your mailing address, phone number or email address has changed? 

If you were not able to attend the Ordeal, it's likely that your dues are not paid for 2005.  Our Lodge only charges $8.00 for dues, of which $2 goes to National, and $2 to the Piedmont Council.  The remaining $4 is used to cover postage, printing, website fees, and events costs, etc.  So your $8 is not being wasted by us!  Could you please download a dues payment form from the website, and send it in with your dues of $8?  Your help with this is appreciated!






SPECIAL NOTE: There are a limited number of NOAC 2004 patch sets available to Lodge members. We have allocated 1 set per member, which will be available at the September Lodge meeting. All remaining patch sets will be sold on a first come-first serve basis at the Ordeal Weekend.


They are finally in and available! The new Hungteetsepoppi Lodge flaps are now available for purchase. As always, the flaps are available at Lodge Events only (assuming full participation at the event), and only two may be purchased at each event.





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