Hungteetsepoppi Lodge Patch History....

Please Note: Lodge flaps are not available for sale in the Piedmont Council Scout Office, and the Lodge will only sell patches to registered Lodge Members at Lodge Events!

Our Lodge formed in 1951, however, our first patch was not issued until 1955. It was an arrowhead shaped patch that had an image of our lodge totem, the Western Yellow Tanager.

The patch had no lodge number or lodge name, just the three W's and it was sewn on a "one per life" red and white silk neckerchief.





In the late 50's, the neckerchief was discontinued, and a pocket flap similar to the current flap was issued.


The left side of the patch was twill cloth (not fully embroidered).

In the late 60's, the flap became fully embroidered, and went through several minor shape changes (rounded and square corners).

In the mid 70's, under the direction of National, the policy was changed where all patches were to have a Fleur-de-lis emblem or "BSA" incorporated into the design.

In our case, we added a Fleur-de-lis, but everything else stayed the same.

All of our flaps now are fully embroidered.

Another arrowhead patch was issued in the mid 70's,

This time with 466 added to the patch.

The practice of it being on a "one per life" red and white neckerchief was continued.



Also in the 1970's, a special Chenille patch was created to recognize members who had attained the Vigil Honor.

Two variations of the patch were issued, each with a very, very limited quantity being issued.






In 1976, a special Silver bordered flap to commemorate our 25th anniversary was issued. This is the first time that our totem is shown with it's wings spread.

In 1979, a special Council Service Patch (CSP) was issued for the NOAC contingent.

The first real change to our pocket flap occurred about 1990, when three different colored border versions of our flap were created.


A red border flap would signify "ordeal" membership. A white border flap would signify "brotherhood" membership and a black border flap would signify "vigil" membership. Lodge members could only purchase flaps for the honor that they have attained.

The red border is for Ordeal members.

The white border is for Brotherhood members.

The black border version is for those that have attained the Vigil honor, however any member may wear any flap for which he is entitled to.

In 2001 a special Gold Mylar bordered flap was issued to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

A special felt patch based on the spread wing version of our totem was issued to all members who helped to host the Conclave in 2002 for the Section.

In 2002 a flap was issued for the NOAC contingent.

In 2002 for the Spring ordeal, a new tradition was started.

A leather patch was issued to every new member just completing their ordeal.

The arrowhead shaped patch is intended to be used with the members bead necklace.

For an ordeal member, the lodge number, the WWW and the arrow is painted red.

When the brotherhood honor is obtained, the arrow is painted white.

When the vigil honor is reached, the numbers, WWW and arrow are painted black.

Officers and key Advisers have the arrow outlined in gold metallic paint.

Leather patches can only be obtained at Ordeals - existing members that have not received one may receive one appropriate for their honor and position.

In 2002, the flap was changed slightly.

The word "lodge" was removed and all of the corners on the patch were rounded.

In 2003, a new run of arrowhead patches were made for the lodge neckerchief, this time adding the Fleur-de-lis and everything else staying the same.

The restriction of "one per life" is maintained.

A special gold mylar version of the neckerchief patch (also attached to a neckerchief) is available for officers and key advisers.


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