Hungteetsepoppi "PoppiFest 2006"....

This year at the 2006 Poppifest, we all had a great time. Many of the guys attended, and a couple of new candidates went along to have their ordeal. Weather conditions were fair enough, with a little chill at the worst. Significant service was performed by adults, candidates, and members alike..

Although the field was slightly too muddy for us to play any sports, we decided to try our luck in the supposedly " dried up" lake. Yet, after awhile running around, some of us found that the lake had many hidden mud spots. Later that night, we had an Ordeal ceremony for the two new guys.

The cermonies crew did an awesome job dealing with the two new Ordeal candidates. Partly scripted, partly improvised, no one forgot their lines and everyone re-learned what it means to be an Arrowmen. After the Ceremony, we started in on a dinner created by the master chefs of Hungteetsipoppi.

Dinner was delicious and afterwards we headed back to the Camp Agusta Lodge to start up the Carnival. We all had a rip roaring time playing the games that were provided. Then, after everyone had collected their money we had the auction. Many of the prizes were good and fun, while others were much more... interesting.

After the carnival we went to sleep, got up the next morning, packed up, and left. Overall, this third year of Poppifest was a great time.

Patrick N.

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